Backfire Repairs, building a New 5 Inch Charge Pipe, Thrash to Make No Prep Kings 22' BIR,

A new charge pipe was needed after boom boom pow happened Memorial Weekend (see previous Videos) so this is the time to test out a larger Charge pipe and test our Airflow and turbo efficiency theory… Whats the theory / idea? Take a peek and find out…. No Prep Kings at BIR is June 17 & 18 2022, and we are on a severe time crunch to make this happen, and want to see you all there!!

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V8 Firing Order Video

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  1. I love the car I've been a subscriber since the start but if that turbo gives you one more problem I think you should replace it with a pro charger they are a lot easier to tune and get down the track and they are about the fastest thing at the track!

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