Gridlife Midwest Festival is something I look forward to every year! Located at Gingerman Raceway which is a fantastic high speed track in a beautiful part of Michigan. Unfortunately for me drifting was cut short due to mechanical failure, but when you break down at Gridlife you are still at an all out party!

I can’t wait until the next one!!!

Thanks to K Series Parts for transporting my S14 across the country, letting me drive the fresh new Kswap 86, and for all around great hospitality! Please do me a favor and drop them a thank you comment on their YT and IG page! @K Series Parts

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  1. Been thinking about a k series for my e30 since ill never find a decent priced s14 engine. Seems like a great modern alternative.

  2. No offense danger Dan but you should have dragged that thing back to the pits right away as soon as it started acting up. Maybe you could have saved the engine. Just saying I don't know if I'm right or wrong but I think it would be a good idea

  3. The skateboarding segway kinda really suites you and the channel… I feel like more of them would be a big brain move! 🙂 Also RIP 2JZ 🙁

  4. I was watching your coolant temps leading up to your black beaty starting to fail. Your temps were climbing by the second up to 224, then they dropped down to like 177 when you were putting around.

    I would have thought head gasket, but I guess all that excess fuel not igniting too well was cooling off your engine.

    What, so melted piston, or murdered ring landing?

    Hope you get it sorted Dan. My S14 is all kinds of special from engine bologna like this… one pushrod longer than the rest. One combustion chamber welded and reCNC'd. Rocker pedestals mild off on for rockers bcuz I split a pedestal. Ls1 crank in an ls7, bcuz I threw a rod in the first ls1 while building the Ls7… engineer with no money 😅

    You have great production value and a cool band of homies! Best of luck on the rebuild.

  5. love the pedal angle gives people an idea of foot placement of different cars, random question how's the cheap turbo holding on the mx5??

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