A RIVALY BORN! Fox Body Mustang vs G Body Malibu!

It was only a matter of time before Jr and I sat these 2 side by side. Of all the times for the Malibu to start giving me problems, this had to be the WORST.


  1. I use to wrk in Ohio if I would have known ul was so close to Willard I would have gone to visit and helped out love wat ul do …from all the way from rgv Weslaco Texas…

  2. I gotta say you just gotta love the Motorsports community. I mean who goes out of their way to help competitors do well? I love how there’s that fellowship among competitors. I mean I used to truck pull and it was the same there. We’d get together the night before a pull so we could make sure everyone was ready to go. Another one of those reasons that I really like watching Bill and everyone involved in this channel. Everyone doesn’t have to do everything right they just gotta wanna help and take some direction. Way to go guys. Looking forward to seeing Tes and Tony to. I wanna see how fast that stick shift mustang is gonna get.

  3. I try to watch my daily dose of Old Mans Garage at night. Love the dad son racing. Im glad i kept my mustang streetable, and fun at the track. Love the videos guys.

  4. Tell Billy that I've got a Ford Fusion Sport daily driver with a twin turbo V6 that will run with that Mustang. I've run 13.14 at 107 at National Trail with it. He's got to step his game up considerably with that car. I'm sure he will. Just messing with him.

  5. Sounds like the previous owner of the mustang put a E303 cam and GT40P Explorer cylinder heads. E303 cam is rated 2500-5500 rpms. Bogging of the line and still running a 13.16 second quarter mile is pretty impressive. I’m betting on the Mustang once the bugs get worked out.

  6. I have a different ? Is scrappy and Chevy the same dog because in the older videos you called her scrappy now u say Chevy lol I was just Wondering

  7. Stop with the Cats, we have 2 that are just as fun as Dogs , AND we can leave them along Without Supervision way longer than Dogs, we both work Full time out of the home!! Knock it off Old Man!! Now we're 😎

  8. Hey bill have a question. I know u know Nick and maddy from Husltin horsepower. Nick went to do a start up on the new build and well I think he had motor issue. He is looking for some lifers for a small block. I know u guys run small blocks and have a few. He is looking for lifters for it. Maybe if u can help them out or if u know someone that may have them. I know Nick has annoyed ya in the past but they are good people just trying to make it. Would be super cool if u could help out.

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