500hp Honda B-Series “Family Sedan” is DIALED IN!

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It was sort of a blast from the past seeing this 1991 Civic sedan row gears at RaceWorz this year. Rocking a B-series and of course, a turbo – this 5 speed, gutted Honda started knocking on the doors of 9’s by the end of the weekend!

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  1. The ONLY cars worth building are Rear Drive cars. FWD= Can't Drift, can't drag race, NO they can't can't do anything. Besides it looks stupid

  2. It's crazy his next goal with this stocl chassis garage build is 9s. I remember in High School it was a HUGE deal when Papadakis finally got into the 9s with a longitudinally mounted engine in a full tube chassis.

  3. In Malaysia, this car is used by parents to enter gardens and farms, but in the US it is used for drag races, it is crazy 🤪 Imagine a 500hp car entering a farm indeed steady crazy….

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