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In this video i finally get my rear spoiler, the hood scoop and also my wireless air bag controller! Be sure to hit that subscribe button!

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  1. Mr. Casey, I do love the idea of your hood scoop, but I must say, it does look a little bit too tall for this car. LOVE the progress thus far and definitely love the spoiler!

  2. Everytime you say "airbag controlls" or at the begining "Wireless airbag controlls" wow i was thinking -That guy is putting wireless airbag crash sensors and controlls !!?? Wtf
    Air suspension controlls is a different thing tho!
    Keep up the good work! Be safe!

  3. Love how shes coming!
    First of the series that you didnt say how much you love this project and how its moving forward 🤓

  4. I’m from Chicago originally but live in St.Louis now and wish I could come check all your cars out in person and meet you Casey! I hope you hit over 100k your channel and videos deserve a million+ subs ! I wanna win that ride!

  5. Hey the Mustang build is one of my favorite, you’re building the old school muscle race car look you definitely should do the cougar tail lights

  6. Leave the hood scoop full length to to windshield and scallop the sides down to the edge of the hood. It will lift and clear, and look freakin awesome on the profile. Dig the vidz, love the fab.

  7. I only have one arm and I can install a windshield by myself with my arm tied behind my back!!? Not really. Just adding a comment.👍🇨🇦

  8. OK. Full disclosure… I'm not a Ford guy… Especially not a 1 gen Mustang guy because… ZZZzzzzz… Pretty much seen it all a 100+ times. Yeah, I know… Most popular car ever blah, blah, blah. But I gotta say this series has sucked me into the Casey's Customs Mustang Black Hole Vortex. It's still a Mustang… but it isn't. I love that. You're taking this project to a place where no man has gone before. Wait, will YouTube let me say that in a comment? OK, maybe it's not the final frontier but you are taking it to an amazing place. Can't wait for the final product! BTW – Making room in my garage for that '54 Chevy. I AM a Chevy guy…

  9. So we jus guna skip past the background on his phone and Grindr lol I'm knew so if this is the type of humor he does I am bout to subscribe 😂

  10. @3:34 : What in the world are you thinking??!!??!! Pinky is pointing directly at you, WITH A BATTERY INSTALLED!!! You know what would happen if there were an accidental discharge at that close proximity? Definitely living life on the edge. My adrenaline maker was working overtime. Dont you like your neighbors?

  11. Man she looks real mean. You've done some job on it. Dunno what it's officially called, but can you see it with that black paint 5hat has the chrome/silver coming through it? That would be ice cream bro. Greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪

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