1800 hp SBC, what’s inside?

Did this SBC really make 1800hp? According to the hp calculators, it does! And it was with the parts you see here. Dart Iron Eagle Block, MGP rods, CP Bullet Pistons, solid roller camshaft, 23 deg Profiler heads, Methanol, 102mm Turbocharger. Mostly used parts! This thing has been pretty reliable and has around 200 passes. I changed the stator and it is a little tighter than I was expecting and that long spool up time killed this thrust. We will fix it and get it back out.


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  1. Your comments regarding Methanol makes it even more bizarre that you wear a greasy suit (Grease will burn), leave your visor up, no fireproof boots etc. You seem a good guy, love your videos but can't understand your lack of care in protecting yourself. Think of the family after your severely burnt like Lyle.

  2. Probably won't find an engine shop, but you might be able to Find an engineering shop, Toolmaker and get them to turn up Sleeves to suit the aluminium block to take std chev cam bearings, or make solid cam bearings out of a suitable material,, and then you should be able to use your old cam. Another option would be modifiy the cam to take needle roller bearings. use your old cam core press on steel sleeve onto each camshaft journal, and cylindrical grind to suit 50mm bearing. And use the correct 50mm needle roller bearings.

  3. The setup you have in the valley of the block would be awesome for Billy the kid's BBC great for ventilation and return for the oil!! Ps great vids John.

  4. I love this. Someone using used parts and putting together one badass motor on a budget instead of throwing the wallet at it! This is what brings me here 👍🏼

  5. I used top end lube in my methanol to stop the rusty exhaust valves. You can use an engine fogging spray at the end of the race day also.

  6. Don't be afraid to use red loctite on the intake and exhaust bolts and would probably get new ones but I'm picky. I Sand the surfaces with a body shop long board. It makes guick work out of it and you will be surprised how flat you can get it.

  7. You tig welded it, then had it turned? Try getting it spin welded, that will last, there are some masters on YT that spin weld on a lathe cranks and other bearing surfaces. Makes it like new and bonds better all the way around, and lasts better.

  8. According to the vid, you work at lightning breakneck speed (dontcha just wish we all could tear an engine down, and assemble it just that fast, and accurately), so you will back up in no time TJ, sry it had issues.

    Whoohoooo, Ross finally billed my Piston deposit so they are finally forging mine now, 11 weeks from end of May seems like a lifetime as I pulled the block mid January, when the lead time quote was just 3 weeks, by end of May when everything settled out at the Machine shop covid wise, and we had a clean block and parts and pcs ready to get required pre-forging measurements, and block had been line bored, race season on special and regular orders pushed out that lead time a crapload. But, the billing of the first 50 percent on July 28th was a welcome sight on the bank statement, says the CNC Machine was busy cranking em out!

    Once received and measured up, boring, honing, decking, balancing, and assembly should go a lot more quickly. Head and long block pcs are ready and waiting, as am I, to re-licence and get racing again.

    Car has been dieted and highly improved, nutted and bolted bumper to bumper inside and out.

  9. hey John, have you tried the remflex aluminum header gaskets? i used them on my na street sbc and they have held up good for 2 years now. they can be reused too. mught be worth it for you to try a set.

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