1 Slide w/Multi Slide Space!! 2022 Wildwood 27RK

2022 Forest River Wildwood RV 27RK Rear Kitchen Couple’s Camping Travel Trailer
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2022 Wildwood 27RK Specs
Hitch 955 lb.
Empty +/- 6,845lbs as seen here!
Cargo 1113
Max 7958
Length 33′ 6″
Height 11′ 3″
Width 8’0″
Fresh 40gal
Gray 54gal
Black 30gal
Awning 20′

This model could easily be an outdated “failure” I think if it weren’t for Wildwood’s creatively modern execution of this classic floor plan! The VersaLounge and Floating Recliners combination gives it the ability to focus on the entertainment center when needed while still maintaining a shockingly spacious living area with a huge focus on the social aspects of camping!

The Strongarm jack-leg-stabilizers are excellent for models like this where people can be up and about moving around regularly. The little camp kitchen added outside is also a great way to expand your function-space while keeping your drinks close at hand!

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  1. I definitely glanced over at the pop-up title for CPAP Access and saw CRAP Access. I like the openness of the living area. It is a perfect camper for coming in and chatting with family or friends. I am always confused to see A: no door window and B: different sized passthrough doors. I can't imagine those two little things would add much to cost or labor time. Otherwise an awesome camper.

  2. That corner storage area in the kitchen is a bit wonky to me; I’d definitely knock that divider out and just go straight wrap-around. On a separate note, if you have not done so already, would you be willing to do a qyuick video on how those JT Strong arm stabilizers deploy and look like?

  3. Second time this has happened where I talk about something in some other trailers then then the next day one of those trailers show up on my phone lol. Great unit tho have always liked this version of the Floorplan for reasons I said yesterday lol👍👍

  4. Hey buddy this a great RV for its class Is this a Half ton truck But please be honest which I know you will . This is my first Rv we love the Montana But this trailer is so light , will it hold up Over time ?? Should I invest for a better one Thanks for all your help

  5. The Versa-Lounger really answers my question of "why don't smaller RV's offer a super sofa like the big toy-haulers." This is a great example of what a husband and wife could get away with when they don't have to have the bunkhouse.

  6. My wife and I really love this trailer!! It’s exactly like the 2021 28rks hideout that we bought this pass summer but better!! More options and a door knob that actually works on the pantry door!!
    Great video as usual!! 👍

  7. I like this one better than the other one with the curved littler shower! I like and need a fluffy friendly bathroom. Camp queens don't bother me cuz no matter how long the bed is I like hanging my feet down over the end of the bed I'm a belly sleeper. The swing arm in the TV is of course a must. I hate neck wreaker TV mounts. I would knock that panel out of the corner can it for ease of reaching the stuff in the corner. I'd rather have a thinner bathroom sink area and have a single unit top dryer bottom washer unit in the bathroom and not one of those front bubble window things either, the solid door white ones with the top loading washer and front loading dryer so you can be washing and drying at the same time.

  8. Very discouraging that in 2021 a $42,000 Wildwood or Cherokee stick and tin trailer with no ladder, no TV and no porcelain toilet is considered a bargain. 😬😬😬

  9. My thoughts::

    As much as I prefer basic camping, I can't deny the appeal of this camper. Huge windows and tons of seating!

    I wouldn't mind the TV location as it wouldn't be used much. My family tends to sit and just talk, so that seating arrangement would actually be ideal for us if we were stuck inside.

    Odd that the door doesn't have a window. On the smaller, entry level FSX, I can understand the lack of a door window, but it seems like an oversight on this trailer. Or maybe it's just another example of the camper give and take you often talk about.

    I like the jack stabilizers. Are those something that can be added to other trailers like the FSX, or is it something that needs to come from the factory?

    I am also a Hot Pocket. 😀

  10. The negative, needs a drop down counter extension, ❤️the interior ceiling to floor. Another negative, the lounger will as comfortable to sleep on as the mattress on the queen size bed 🤣🤣, great storage, kitchen backsplash (finally), because of the length I’ use a three quarter ton pickup truck or like we seen recently, a F-350 one ton CC dually pulling one that size he was smart. Josh 👍👍👍

  11. Hello, lazy Susan in that upper corner 2 cabinets would work great. For stick n tin, I do like this floorplan a LOT…and it even has a small outside kitchen. B perfect for me to live in. Thank You.

  12. Hmm, only 1113 pound cargo? If that's not accounting for full fresh, black & grey tanks, I'm concerned as those 3 full is 1,000 pounds alone. Help me out here please.

  13. Josh – You have mentioned a few times that some screens dim when a video is paused. My iPhone and iPad do dim when I pause a video, but then all I have to do is tap anywhere on the screen and the on screen icons disappear and the screen brightens back up immediately. Hope this helps.

  14. No "office" but this one SPEAKS TO ME. I gotta rewatch the upgrade slickwall, but tbf stick and tin is still smexy.
    I can get something like this and load my motorcycle in the bed of my diesel 350 then tell the boss it's time to PTO – Prepare The Others!

  15. Great review Josh! We have the 2017 version of this travel trailer and really love it. I really like the addition of a closet in the bedroom and the outside camp kitchen with the griddle. Ours has the kitchen sink where the stove is on this one and our stove is on the rear wall next to the fridge. We also have easier access to the fridge when the slide is closed. We pull it with our Ford F150 with the ecoboost engine, does pretty well. Might have to get one of these with all the upgrades though! Thanks for all the info!

  16. This interior is gorgeous and takes advantage of its big windows so well! #Outdoorsrv please pay attention! Give us a nice, light interior as a choice, we don't all like the "log cabin" look..oh, and a shower "mizer" would be nice too. That said, the run-of-the-mill "Michiana" builders can learn a few things from ORV; 80 gallon fresh tanks, suspension packages, more boondocker friendly solid build, and insulation. Okay, I'm done. Nice review Josh. 😁

  17. 12:45 I Say That❗️🙋🏽‍♂️
    It’s not just about the added price to the RV, it’s the environmental impact/wastefulness of throwing out a perfectly good “camp” mattress that goes to the land fill (sure you could try to donate it someplace, but how many people actually do that), not to mention the environmental impact of manufacturing the “camp” mattress (raw materials, shipping, manufacturing energy, etc.) then shipping it to the RV manufacturer, before you end up tossing it out‼️ 🤦🏽‍♂️ 🤨

  18. I like it, the way the dining and lounging area work together for entertaining is perfect. BTW Anakin’s lightsaber was blue when he was fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi. So the first one Luke used was blue. Luke first used the green one in the “Return of the Jedi” , Episode VI

  19. Pretty close but needs wine cooler under counter and remove chairs for bar stools and make bar😉 your so close to manufactures , next time you go please mention a limited run of party 1/2 ton towable with a bar. I bet it's a hot seller! Not everyone is a retired senior citizen or has kids lol

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