ULTRA LUXURY! 2022 Mercedes Benz S-Class Review

2022 Mercedes Benz S580 review by The Straight Pipes. The 2022 Mercedes Benz S Class is putting down 496 horsepower and 512 lb-ft of torque from a 4.0L TT V8 with EQ Boost. At $165,850 CAD, would you take it over the BMW 7 Series, Maserati Quattroporte or Audi A8?

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  1. I totally agree with Yuri on this one. The design doesn't look cool in S class just like it didn't with A class. At least, I thought they were trying to differentiate classes with some crappy exterior design theme. I thought they were giving inferior designs to A class on purpose, but boy I was wrong. They really thought the design was good. So good that they used it for the S class.Plus, what's up with so much glass blacks inside the car. That just feels more like cost cutting than craftsmanship.

  2. Yuri's vibe represents how a lot of people feel about Mercedes lately, especially with this horrible russian doll styling with the Tesla inspired interior 👎🏾👎🏾 Merc didn't even try on this one…

  3. The new 2023 G90 long wheel base looks better which is scary because that car does not even try to fight Mercedes. Genesis just offers luxury reliable cars at an affordable price. Kinda like Lexus, but now Lexus kinda got more expensive, so Genesis is like the yesterday's Lexus

  4. The worst S class ever. From the world's best to the worst in just one car. Even if i had billions of cash i will still get previous gen face-lift w222 S class, coz its simply the best car ever made.

  5. This new S-Class is just terrible. Mercedes seems to achieve the impossible, by detuning their classy exterior looks, along with complete withdrawal of interior elegance.

  6. I think you guys really should start putting curb weight on the HP/TQ readout. 496 HP seems really good, but if the car weighs 3500 lbs…but then Google says it weighs upwards of 5000 lbs. It would just help people get a better idea of power to weight ratio.

  7. I am with Yuri in this one. This S class no longer bares its badge anymore. It’s more like putting everything high end together but at the end the product is not unique. This is not the legendary S class that I foresee. To be honest, I have been seeing fewer of the S classes on the road since the newer generations. I owned three Mercedes in my life time but not a fan anymore. Every design is the same just a different size.

  8. My third s class. The exterior design looks much better in person. The ride and drive are both improved. The dual screen layout is a step backwards for this series both aesthetically and in functionality . The center touch touch screen takes your eye off of the road to operate while you search for a menu or try something as simple changing the radio channel. It also takes away from the comfort experience because the ergonomics of the touchscreen are just far enough away from the user to make the driver move his driving position to operate it. The center console takes away the armrest for your forearm as well as reduces the cup holders size.The touch screen stays covered in fingerprints and the fingerprint id is an extra step that gets annoying on a daily basis. The touch screen is also hard to see at times with the suns reflections. The new air vents sit high and away from the driver and cause a distracting reflection on the windshield. The ride,drive, and seats are outstanding , but the electronics make it very frustrating to operate.

  9. I wanted to buy one. It is not necessarily ugly but S class clearly lost its charm. On the street, it doesn’t make me turn my head at all, something that is still happening with the old model. The exterior is utterly unimpressive. I can relate to the handles as an evolution but lights, dimensions, overall appearance is bland to deathhh. Sorry Mercedes, but this time you screw this up big time (

  10. Just picked one (s580 4matic) up last night, it’s absolutely beautiful. I haven’t had a chance to drive it yet but hopefully today when I get home from work.
    2019- Model x100d
    2020- GT63S
    2021- RR HST Sport
    Life is insanely good. May you all have a blessed day/year/life…

  11. Hey guys, love your channel. I'm a subscriber and watch religiously! I've always found it cringeworthy of the way people pronounce designo for Mercedes trim. I'm feeling that its like this: design-o…… but people seem to make it desi-gnio…. Weird?!! Just say the word design… then add the o…. fakkk so easy!

  12. Looks like 2020 has marked an end of an era. As a car guy I can't get over how many manufacturers are going thru this trend of adding hybrid systems and digital everything. Most of these features, if they still work, will look and feel so outdated in the future and it just won't seem 'classic' or 'timeless'. A good example of this is the Sat Nav from any mid 2000's car.

  13. Mercedes peaked design in like 2012-2015. Some of the new ones are nice (GLE, GLS, E coupe), but almost all the other 2020+ models are ugly.

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