ULTRA Cool Ford Fairlane ALL MOTOR!

In a world of Turbo’s and Nitrous, this 1964 Ford Fairlane is ALL MOTOR! Featuring a naturally aspirated 585ci Big Block Ford. Always cool to see something different, from the Ultra Street Class at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion at Memphis Motorsports Park.


  1. Love those. T- bolts but automatics suck,i remember back in the day watching those fairlanes coming down my local track with like 8 in slicks which they had to run for the class they were in they were awsome had to keep under control in 1965 fastest door car on the planet, and i was/am chevy guy!

  2. Excellent suspension work. . . . . MINIMAL lift & 👌 Perfect squat . . . NO WHEELIE-(CHEATER)-Bars . . . . . Absolute PERFECTION in ALL areas. . . Best I've seen actually in a long time. . . My high school Auto shop teacher always said to much front lift was the enemy in your E.T.

  3. One motor no 426 Hemi guy can bullshit about. Over 120 hp more, and fucking brutal.

    OK, the 426 Hemi over all is the winner, time, car models, engineering for reliability over the years but these Fords had almost none of that. ! Built off a 427 Nascar winning motor in only 90 days…

  4. Real CSR Classics and Nitro Nation. I have one for CSR Classics , Nitro Nation and Forza Motorsport 7.
    Thunderbolts is high performance and easy shifting car.

    also the Thunderbolt is a great choice for any races.

  5. Damn that FE 427 revs like a SB , Can see now why chevy ,dodge and chrysler went crying to nascar to get the T bolt banned. YOU CAN,T BEAT THE GREATEST MOTOR EVER PRODUCED.

  6. That car is set up well, minimum lift of front tires and nice weight transfer to the rear tires, now frame twist at all and that screaming 427 revs like a damn Boss 302, only a ford BB will take those kinda r,s and not grenade .

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