TX2K21 – Taking the 4 Rotor + 1320 and TRC ride along reactions!

Welcome back guys – what a wild ride!
I hope you all enjoy the video – we’ve been hard at work making new content and have so much planned. In this video, my friend Tim and I show you around TX2K21 and show off some awesome cars along the way.

This video is about a week behind due to the storms that passed through Alabama last week.
The next video is already filmed and should be coming out by the weekend.


  1. I'm sure if someone offered you a ton of money to buy the car, you would tell them to go kick rocks. Not that you would, but this is a one of a kind build!!

  2. Ah, eargasms as you did that first drive into Mexico for some braps.

    And that monster turbo might be big enough to feed your 4rotor past 10krpm… 😆

  3. great job Mazzei, you are really the truth for building this work of art. Keep building cause you are motivating everyone to build their dreams cars. Thank You from NY

  4. Hi from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 Boss…!!!!! I’m in love with this car, the sound, the looks… everything..!!!!!
    I wish one day I have the chance to meet you and see the 26B toy in person…. in the meantime I’ll stick around your YouTube channel… ✌🏼

  5. 23:15
    This is why we love you, David.
    Yeah, 2000+bhp cars are insane, but your car is one of a kind… and you made it work so fucking well it's almost ridiculous.

  6. U're very humble man, i appreciated thanks for sharing the experience n make everyone smile, all of them there are lucky to see n hear ur car in person thats a rare moment love it! greetings from Indonesia 🔥

  7. Honestly I can’t wait to become a part of the community myself! Love the rotary world and you’re the shit bro! Keeping up w you since IG since this was a roller and so proud of you too see this it’s so freaking inspiring. Literally felt that moment to drive Kyle around must have been EPIC!

  8. Damn you can see David tear up when the TRC guys were telling him about his car after the ride back. The passion is real. I remember feeling like this when I was a teenager watching OPtion/Drift Tengoku VHS tapes from Japan and planning what I wanted to do when I "grew up"…then I let the dream get away from me. He's living his dream.

  9. RoB DaHm… EAT YOUR HEART OUT That Red 4 Rotor is a stright Certified 4 Rotor killer the craftsmanship is just on a Next level and the first time I seen it was 2 videos ago when Mazzei Formula was blessed to dyno tune the CaR just a Huge peace of ArT 2 say the LeasT …..

  10. I dont reallygood to understand english but i happy watch your video bro, hope i have that car and i drive in bali ,nicesound , i adore you brow ⚡️⚡️

  11. 19:13 Guy in the back with the black cowboy hat dropped his phone LMAOOO. Can't even imagine the noise this thing makes irl.

  12. I can listen to David’s 4 rotor all day long…the mesmerizing sounds it makes will draw your attention and make your heart beat faster ..no doubt the best sounding motor ( race engines too ) out there !!

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