Two Week Wonder: Complete Racing History Of Bob Glidden's Undefeated '78 Pro Stock Ford Fairmont

This video is about the two week wonder, as Bob Glidden called it. The Undefeated 1978 Pro Stock Fairmont. The video has myself asking Bob questions, and him answering them. The original interview was from Competition Plus, Legend series. This is my favorite Bob Glidden car. I documented some earlier racing with Bob Racing racing Dyno Don at the 77 World Finals, Segway into the 1978 Pro Stock season. This video documents the 1978 pro Stock Tour, and all the NHRA Pro Stock races that the Fairmont was undefeated in. The tour started with Bob racing his 78 Ford Pinto, at the start of the season. He raced the Pinto at the opener on February 12, 1978 at the Auto Club raceway, where he won. The next stop was Gainesville, March 12, 1978, where he lost to Frank Iaconio. Loaded and headed to State Capital Raceway, Where he took the win on April 30, 1978. Next stop on the tour, was National Trail Raceway, June 11, 1978, Bob lost to Richie Zul. The next race was the July 16, 1978, the Summer Nationals, at Englishtown Raceway, Where Bob debuted the Undefeated 1978 Ford Fairmont. At this race he took out the Bill Grumpy Jenkins Vega, driven by Larry Lombardo. The next 4 races were, Sanair Super Speedway,(8/6/78), Indianapolis Raceway Park, The Coveted US Nationals, (9/4/78), Pacific Raceways (9/24/78), and The World Finals, at Ontario Motor Speedway( 10/8/1978). Bob Glidden won every one of those 5 consecutive races. These wins brought him and the Undefeated Fairmont, the NHRA Pro Stock Championship for 1978. The car only ran 5 races. Bob Glidden you are a Pro Stock Champion……..

Credit to Competition Plus: Legend series interview.


  1. Really appreciated all the file footage, nicely put together. Bob was an absolute legend! I have the utmost respect for his and his family's monumentous efforts. I have idolized Bob as a teenager in the 70's. He absolutely deserved all the success he had. Love you Bob and thnx Tim, from Oz

  2. My favorite battles were glidden against warren johnson….The engineer versus the mechanic. As a tech in the automotive world, we believed the engineer designed what we had To make work. Tech of a rivalry.

  3. 1 more great story. At 1 point the chivy boys and NHRA. Had enough,and implemented a new rule…as a group we call pull a cylinder head where every body could look inside..GLIDDEN refused.. And. He was told to get his phukkking ford out of there.
    To this day I know chivy guys that aware Bob was cheating.. Bob was just inovative ,driven,and determined.

  4. Bob "Let's use the ugliest car Ford sells" Glidden. Loved watching him poke a finger in the eye of the Chevy and Mopar teams with that car. I know Fairmont's use the Fox body like the Mustang but gawd, it was ugly.

  5. i never got to see any drag racing on tv back then but i was a Glidden fan already .. i had to wait for the local Monday news paper sports section which oddly enuff covered drag racing ..

  6. DragBoss,
    Great video – thank you! I was a BIG Glidden fan back in the '70s and was absolutely heartbroken when he switched to mopar. Can you say again where this car is now.

    Paul (in MA)

  7. AWESOME job on putting that together Tim! I loved the Fairmont also.. Thank you for spending the time to allow us to relive the past! Pro Stock back in the day was my favorite category!! and BOB GLIDDEN was "The Man"

  8. Was lucky enough to watch Bob glidden's entire career. Rooting for him every moment of it. It was difficult at times being a Georgia Boy and seeing him race Dino Don but Bob was my hero.

  9. As a diehard Chevy fan (until the late 80's when I bought a new Ford) it bugged me that Glidden had so much power. Eventually I bought a '59 Ford P/U that had a transplanted 351C from a 1970 Cougar (small chamber heads). I'd built several SBCs but after seeing the size of the Cleveland ports and valves I understood.

  10. You can always tell which motor he has in by looking at the mph. If the speed is over 150 he had the 340 motor in. If it was in the 140 mph range he had the 329 motor in and coasting at the finish so that he would not blow the other car away and get factored even more.

  11. Tim, do yourself a huge favour, and check out Revan Evan's latest video on Ray Paquet and his 4 speed T-bolt. Words fail me, so just watch …. in Awe !!

  12. I never gave you permission to use my interview, much less cut it up to pose as your own. Very unprofessional and unethical. If you had asked me in advance, I might have allowed you to use part of the interview for your show at no charge. I want this video taken down.

  13. You should get Dick Maskin of Dart Cylinder heads on your show….I'm pretty sure Wally inherited all of the Masking & Kanners AMC program….Dick was the 1st one to "dice & splice" AMC heads as I recall….My buddy in California still has some Chevy 292 "Turbo Heads" that he did back in that era….More brass brazing rod than cast iron! Still has his modified cylinder head oven with multiple heating elements in it to "cook heads" Pure Black Magic going on back then!

  14. Due to the unfortunate circumstances we are having a great Dragboss Garage afternoon and evening today. Nothing better than you and your channel to get today and the events of the past couple of months off the minds of these wiley old veterans. #9/11, and thank you for your service in the medical world! Now to a Glidden ( Rusty ) interview and discussion we missed. Hopefully you are having a good day and get to spend some time with your family this weekend. Everyone says thank you and have a great day. Barbecue and more Glidden here today we are tuned in for at least almost another four hours! Again from our house to yours Thanks again for your time and your work!

  15. You being the person I think of when it comes to 351 Cleveland expert. Stock 70 m code four barrel heads I believe the camshaft that’s in there is wiping so I stop driving it I’m planning on diving in and installing a new cam and lifters and better oil going forward
    Can you give me a tip on where to buy what brand To go with please.. 3000-6500 I have a blue thunder intake also on the shelf I’ve got an Offenhauser I don’t know which one is best you may have an opinion I would appreciate

  16. Great tribute to a gentleman racer. Always pays a compliment to the racers in the other lane, we need more Bob Gliddens. Thanks for a moment in racing history.

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