Twin Turbo Nova Boosting In Colorado!!

Street Outlaw racer Lance Knigge has raced against some of the fastest street racers in the country. Knigge drives a twin turbo nova but started off with a big turbo small tire mustang named the king. Knigge then made the switch to the big tires in a new car which is the current car he is racing. This is a new year with the car and Knigge has made some fast passes with the car so far. Knigge entered two big tire classes at Colorado no prep kings event. The first class Knigge entered was the future street outlaw class in which he lost first round. Then Knigge entered the big tire class that has no rules which is known as the outlaw big tire class. Knigge went rounds and faced off against a very fast racer in David Gates. Knigge blasted out of the hole and was going left then tried to keep it in his lane with some good driving but ended up hitting both walls. No one was hurt the car was not extremely damaged. Check out the video and see the action for yourself and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medas at:


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  1. Lance stayed in it too long. He really wanted that win and we all know that in that situation I think all of us probably would've done the same thing. Good job Lance, pull the chute next time. I didn't see the chute release in the video. Make sure you pull the chute Lance, we want to see you keep racing.

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