Twin Turbo DIESEL MONSTER – Dodge Cummins SKATES Down Drag Strip!!

This 1500+ horsepower MONSTER Cummins-powered Dodge turbo diesel has been featured on 1320video before, but this time it’s back and stronger than before! With a reinforced driveline and better safety equipment, this heavy duty machine is back to push the envelope even further! Literally skating off the starting line with slicks on all 4’s, this truck was out to prove a point at Wildhorse Motorsports Pass during Street Car Takeover Phoenix!
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  1. I'm kinda interested in the new AWD charger,is it an SRT only? Also the Demon. I'm kinda becoming a Dodge fan,they're the only ones pushing stuff past the norm right now.

  2. Makes me wonder what he got the weight shaved down to on her, fucking fast as hell when you think its probably 9k lbs im guessing lowest weight completely gutted?

  3. Ein Dieselmotor, der mit ebenso viel Gefühl und Verstand in einem Fahrzeug eingesetzt wird ,dürfte wohl immer die effektivste Variante sein. Das man den Ruß als grösstes Problem erklärt hat gefällt mir. Denn ab einer normalen Betriebstemperatur verbrennt der Dieselmotor seinen Ruß. Und was ein Diesel zu Leisten vermag sehen wir nicht nur bei LKW's. Ein Diesel Pik Up leistet mehr als ein Benziner jemals bringen könnte.

  4. Say, guys,

    all nice and fast and stuff, but are you guys aware of the fact that this black smoke is as toxic as can be and most certainly will provide you cancer? That of course also goes for the spectators in general. And this black smoke actually is one of the reasons why the earth warms up… and Texas, as we speak, knows where to global heating will lead to…

    So Polluting your environment with black smoke is a way to destroy your (and mine) world…

  5. Im here because i raced a cummins (few bolt ons and a tune) last night on my Mazdaspeed3 (350whp) and that dude was right next to me the ENTIRE race… we topped off at 120ish or so. Wow

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