Turbo Nova is a Wheelie Machine on No Prep!!

No Prep Kings had an event at the Summit Motorsports Park venue located in Norwalk, Ohio. The turbo nova in the video entered the small tire class in which is not the first one we’ve seen this beautiful machine at. We captured this turbo nova the first time at the first Ohio no prep Kings event held there. The turbo nova did well entertaining the fans and going fast in the process. The no prep surface can be tricky especially for the small tire racers. But, for some reason this racer had no problems getting traction in fact he got all the traction by puttin g the car on its bumper more than once in the event. It was an exciting car to watch and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Hell, I thought it was a single car final. Vid didn't show anything but da losing wheel-standing Nova, da entire footage, thanks. Good run Scali Camaro, I guess.

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