Turbo Nitrous Barracuda & Small Tire!!

No Prep Kings Live has a small tire class that runs during their no prep events. Street Outlaws have raced small tire cars but this class brought out the locals from the Boise, Idaho area to compete for big money. We highlighted the winner of the small tire class which was a nitrous assisted mustang. The dark red mustang first pass had issues but every pass after that one was money as he won every race. The red mustang wins the small tire class but we also highlight some cool cars that were running in the class as well. First up was a gorgeous green turbo plymouth barracuda. The barracuda didn’t run well in the weekend but won our hearts in sheer beauty. Next Barracuda was a nitrous assisted one that was orange in color. The car also didn’t fair well in the class but they sure brought the show with them. Check out the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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