Tubaso Racing C7 Supercharged Vette VS Procharged Mustang (Low Dollar 1320)

Tubaso Racing Supercharged Corvette VS our friends from New Mexico, Procharged Mustang
Full Mods unkown
Head to Head to the quarter mile – 1320 –
The Following stunts were done in Mexico by Professionals. Please do not try this at home. RevRacing does not support hoonigan shit in public roads.

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Subscribe to our Racing channel. We like to bring back to back Street racing that can be compared to the Likes of 1320video, Valley racing, and Street Outlaws, just to name a few… We throw our twist in to set us apart. With our GoPro 360 we’ve created the Gapcam allows you to see the race up close and personal. A lot of these videos are shot in “Mexico” to avoid getting into trouble or hurting anyone. So we encourage everyone to avoid doing hoonigan activities away from the public as well. At the end of the day we cant shut down streets like Ken Block! One day we hope to get to the level of Top Gear, but we can’t do that without your support! Every like, comment and Sub counts! Thank you!


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