Triumph Trident 660 Review: The Perfect First Motorbike

Here’s my Triumph Trident 660 Review, I’ve had it now for about a month and it’s becoming the Perfect motorbike For First Time Riders in my opinion. It has good speeds, torque, comfortability, fuel economy and agility for anyone who wants to start out riding a motorbike. It’s also great as a second bike or even professionals will find the Trident 660 is a bike that offers a lot of fun to ride and it’s reasonably priced. Apologies for the audio when riding, we will get better at recording sound.


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  1. Beginner friendly- perhaps when its dialed back.. but i wouldnt say its a beginner bike or "first bike" for someone new to riding. Plenty of power to get a new rider into some dicey situations. Just my two cents

  2. A 600 cc is not a beginners bike.

    Please stop saying things that are not true, you certainly are a beginner to call this bike a beginner’s bike.

    A 125 is a starter, a 150 is a regular commuter, a 200 is an enthusiast beginner , anything between 200 to 300 is a regular enthusiast rider, 300 and above is a lifestyle enthusiast on two wheels.

  3. You should have started with a smaller engine capacity. You don’t know how to ride this bike yet. You need a lot more experience to meld yourself and become a more capable rider.
    It is t your fault, whoever sold you the bike should be fired from the showroom, very irresponsible on their part.

    Please get a smaller capacity bike and get your skills upgraded, become more capable then ride this bike.

    You won’t be able to appreciate this bike for what it is right now.

    please do be careful.

  4. Love mine. I have had many bikes over 50 years of riding, averaging 11k miles per year with commuting and visiting various locations in the course of work. Now retired and this, for me, is the ideal chill-out bike to keep the old brain young.

  5. I've been riding since 2015. Had a wide range of bikes including a 79 yamaha xs750 2005 suzuki katana and a boulevard 1400 intruder. I would say the trident is not a bike for a first time rider, unless you have a restrictor kit on it. I bought mine last winter and even with 80 hp it felt way faster than anything I rode before. I would say its a good second bike especially for the price.

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