Triumph Tiger Sport 660: Should you spend your money on this?

Test and review and full specifications of the Triumph Tiger Sport 660. Is it a worthwhile motorcycle? Should you buy it? Let us first talk about the numbers:
It is a 660cc liquid cooled inline triple based on the Triumph Trident 660 engine. It is a 12Valve DOHC engine that delivers 80 bhp at 10250 rpm and 64Nm of torque at 6250 rpm. It comes with a 6 speed gearbox with a slipper and assist clutch which works beautifully around corners with practically little to no rear wheel hopping with aggressive downshifts.

The 0-100 numbers are impressive consistently clocking around 3.7 secs. And top speed number at 204 kmph or 130 miles/h.

The Tiger weighs in at 206 kilos wet or 455 lbs. And the bike feels pretty light overall. More on that later.

Tank capacity is at 17L or 4.54 US gallons. That gives you a range of 330 kms or 205 miles before you run dry depending on your riding style.

Motorcycle thanks to @BobbyRoy

00:00 Intro
00:33 Trumph Tiger 660 Full specs, power, torque, acceleration & top speed
02:00 Triumph Tiger 660 Suspension
02:40 Triumph Tiger 660 frame & handling
02:57 Triumph Tiger 660 braking
03:41 Triumph Tiger 660 Sitting on the bike, riding stance, comfort
04:42 Triumph Tiger 660 real life acceleration POV
05:14 Triumph Tiger 660 electronics package
06:12 Triumph Tiger 660 pricing & justification
06:45 Triumph Tiger 660 Should you buy it?


  1. I think for anyone looking to start their brand loyalty to the Tiger, this is a good entry level motorcycle to the Tiger family. Of course there could have been a lot of better things about the bike, but it can be considered as a stepping stone to the bigger Tigers, money being no object.

    Then again, this is expensive and I'd rather go for the bigger Tiger when I'm ready for it.

    Nice review and glad to see a DL registered bike, it's been a while we saw you with one of those.

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