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On this episode of Put Up or Shut Up, Brian Lohnes has wrangled two of the nation’s top modified pulling tractors and set them up in the ultimate drag race! Rather than the tractors competing for distance while pulling the sled, the two 6,000hp beasts will actually race to the finish line in a contest of speed AND strength. The two tractors are the Running Bear of Randy Davis and the Super Bee of Keith Wayson. These two competitors know each other and the track well, but they have never competed like this! #PutUpOrShutUp #MotorTrend #DragRace


  1. This is way cool to see these drivers change it up on the fly and completely tractor pull different ways.. this would make this sport way cooler to watch and would stir up the competition way more.. I love it!!

  2. I know one thing they seem cool about is all the dust.. you know they going to be rebuilding them motors after this .. i mean dang look at all that dust they are sucking in .. Not only the reason they keep the track wet there alot more to it then just keeping the back tires gripping

  3. I’ve watched both of these guys run at “The Buck” in Quarryville, Pa. and have pictures sitting in the drivers seat of Keith’s “Super Bee”. Standing a few feet away and listening to the 14-71 superchargers whine in the pits is music to my ears. Both are great guys and class acts.

  4. drag racing with pulling tractors may sound cool but is incredibly difficult to achieve, unlike real drag racing, pulling tractors don't always go as fast as one another, because that isn't the poinit.

  5. you know what's unique about these two tractors? Runnin Bear runs in the east coast modified class, with a maximum weight of just 7500 lbs, Super Bee runs with the NTPA light unlimiteds, with a weight limit of 6000 lbs, so it's definitely interesting to see two different classes compete head to head

  6. Actually the mechanical injection is also used in Australian burnout cars.
    You should show the rear wheel speed at the top end and throughout the run while they only get up to 38 mph the wheels speed was way above that.

  7. This has been done before. The USHRA did exhibit runs during the pulling events they had. They would run rail dragsters and funny cars against each other when they was in a place big enough to run them, they even ran monster trucks the same way. It will take some searching on YouTube, but the events were held.

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