Tough Day at the Track / Racing by yourself!!!!

Today was one of the hardest track days I’ve had it a while. But it was well worth the effort, but it really does highlight that drag racing is much more enjoyable when you have a few guys coming to the track with you. These cars make a bunch of power, and have been built where things need to happen in between rounds. But today, the racing times got shuffled around due to weather and I had to race by myself. Luckily, there are always some folks around willing to lend a hand. Great day of racing for sure. Made it to the finals, then the rain cut us short but was able to go home with some cash. Awesome time.


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  1. solid racing. if you ever race out around Texas, I'd be honored to help out in the background if your guys couldn't make it.

  2. Hey John, I REALLY hope you’re planning on attending NPK/Street Outlaws again at National Trails in Ohio next month. I saw you for the first time last year, and remember checking your car out in the pits. But what I remember MOST is when you DRAGGED Hate Tank!! He was making some serious steam at the stripe but you got there first! But sir, I’m local, I have that weekend off and will be attending Friday and Saturday, and would like to offer any and all assistance I can. It would be my honor. Scotty

  3. I'm sure like every other Nitrous car they Purge the system at the starting line, most systems have to be on on order to do that, how do you not know the system is on

  4. What sounds worse:
    I lost that round or
    I lost because I forgot to turn my Nitrous on even though everyone could see I'm lying because in the video you can see me Purging it after my Burnout.

  5. Seeing the car come together is awesome. When you made the first few licks in it , I was so skeptical, but I the old car was such an OG and now the new car is getting to the OG status !! I'm happy to see the gremlins getting worked out !!

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