Top Fuel Dragsters vs Funny Cars Tournament!!! – Hot Wheels

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  1. Also you broke the top fuel car with the black spoiler. The back left wheel. You know that one could of been the fastest of all had the wheel not been broken. Just saying.

  2. Fyi, 1T/F means that that car was first in points in the previous season. If you looked at Brittany Forces car for the 2018 race season, it has 1T/F because she was the 2017 Top Fuel champion.

  3. To find the year of the car look on the bottom of the car and it should show the year the hot wheels came out and the year of the actual car

  4. #1 T/F ( Top Fuel ). Use to race AFX electric cars like they were dragsters, loads of fun on a snowy day with no school. Good times!! Thank you for the vid, and the walk down memory lane.

  5. You should send all your toys and stuff to heaven like I did so they can last forever and not get destroyed all you need is a spellcaster you can find spellcasters on google and other sites or I can give you one of mine cause if you would die or anything all your stuff would be in heaven waiting for you and they won’t get destroyed or anything all you need is a spell caster

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