Top 5 Sports Cars Under $8,000 – Drag Race & Cheap Sports Car Showdown (Part 2) | Everyday Driver

Be sure to watch Part 1, where we gather all 8 cars that met our requirements of 2 seats, RWD, Manual Transmission, Less than 25 years old, and many options available on AutoTempest for under $8,000.

For part 2, We took the top 3 from part 1 and put them with our long term cars to decide if we picked the right cars. After an in depth drive and discussion of the NB Mazda Miata, Porsche Boxster, and Toyota MR2, along with our own Z4 and SLK, we pick our top three and face our own poor choices.

Oh. And there’s a drag race!

You can try our same search with the link below:

00:00 – 1:00 Intro
1:00 – 9:13 Mazda NB MX5 Miata
9:13 – 17:00 Porsche Boxster 986
17:00 – 25:10 Toyota MR-2 Spyder
25:10 – 33:06 BMW Z4 (Todd’s Car)
33:06 – 42:20 Mercedes SLK (Paul’s Car)
42:20 – 43:41 What we should have bought
43:41 – Beat by a Minivan

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  1. I don't get the roadster i would get the 350Z it just works and won't kill your wallet to fix.and it wont get beat by a stock minivan.

  2. I has a NB Miata for many years. Yes, I got comments from ignorant non-car people, but the car was a great fun street car. Absolutely loved the go kart handling and being able to rev up the engine in every gear and not shatter the speed limits. I also have a Porsche 911 and Corvettes so the Miata stacks up with them as a true sports car 100%.

  3. holy smokes that poor Toyota's seat covers and steering wheel cover….i'm cringing! What was the owner thinking!? But i still really would like to get some updated seat time in another example…it's been far too many years.

  4. I bought my MR2 Spyder because there’s a certain indescribable uniqueness to it. I’ve formed a bond with it and wouldn’t give it up for any car under $40,000.

  5. I have a black Mr2 Spyder lowered on coilovers and out of all the cars I've had it's the one that gets the most attention. People are always complimenting it, asking what it is, taking pictures of it. That is why I've always found it strange that a lot of folks say it's ugly. Maybe it being black hides some lines and makes it look more exotic along with it's redi interior? I'm glad there's been a recent outpour of love towards the chassis cause it's simply brilliant and if 22 years have passed and it's still being regarded as the best handling car toyota's ever made, then this one is certainly a keeper

  6. The Miata thing is being over done and dragged out not I’m not buying it anymore. The Toyota lighter more powerful better handling engine in a better place also

  7. I have owned couple of these cars. Boxster or even better S version is the best out of the box and is actually more reliable than you think and its super fun to drive. Mr2 spyder does handle great and is accurate like the Boxster or Lotus but you will have to take care at higher speeds… Engine placement sits too far back/high and the engine itself has several issues FYI it was not designed by Toyota. Engine always has issues like head gasket replacement.

    There are several mods you can do like switching it with a Honda engine and placing the engine lower and in front of the rear axle. But it is quite expensive and adjusting everything is quite complex. It would be my choice if your looking something similar to a Miata or Civic Coupe SI will beat both stock.

  8. Thinking about trading in my base NB2 for a 986 boxster, mainly for going on the track, since the miata will need wielding a roll bar for that. Otherwise, definitely keep the miata.

  9. Watching this just makes me realize how bad are car prices in Portugal.. Many of those cars won't be bought for less than 15 to 20k euros

  10. I have owned c4 corvette convertible, na miata, triumph spitfire, and after a while without a convertible was looking for another miata, but they all seemed so overpriced. I ended up picking up a cosmetically challenged slk230 for $3500, and really like the torque. keep your miata and gas guzzler corvette

  11. Great comparison. But I’ll take the SLK280. Had a 2007 SLK280 and loved that car. Was totaled in December 2019 and replaced it with a 2005 SLK55 AMG. Still miss my 280.

  12. Tye MR2 is not an MR2. It's just a rebadged car. Common in the car industry. Look at the new Dart. It's a joke.
    You guys should make an episode about 80's coupes. And line them up with the '87 Fiero GT.

  13. Biased as a C4 owner but 96 LT4 or 94/5 LT1 6 speed any day all day over any of these. For the sheep these are great though. excellent vid

  14. Had the original 1st model SLK 230 Kompressor and drove it year-round through the snow, that's when you can appreciate how solid those SLKs were. I would not have driven any of these others in the Northeast year round but the Merc had the safety features and the weight and solid feel. My last roadster was 3 years in a 124 spider, this short-lived turbo will one day be considered a classic like these wonderful cars you guys have featured! Thank you.

  15. I am a dad and would love to see a $20k and under sedan/wagon reviews! I love the coupes but I need 1 daily driver I can carry my family in.. Driver's cars that you can put a rear facing car seat in and still enjoy.

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