Top 5 NHRA Pro Mod Crashes

Decided to make this video and you decide to watch it
History of Pro Mod-

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  1. Cars would be helped with a bit of technology to get the chutes out earlier. Perhaps based on impact and/or obvious unrecoverable angle on the car.

  2. I wonder what it feels to walk away from such a violent crash. Not from an existential point of view, but physically. It looks dizzying.

  3. You mean I destroyed a $200,000 race car for 1,000 people when the grand stands holds 20,000……Cheese and Rice!

  4. I’ve been to a lot of races running Pro Mod the last 3 years and have seen so many crashes. Things happen so fast. One moment it all looks good then all hell breaks lose. I learned you never take your eyes off of them until they are completely stop. I did a couple times and they crashed while stopping. One little problem with how the parachute opens and away they go. Especially NHRA where they run 1/4 mile. Thank goodness everyone I’ve seen walked away.

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