TOP 25 | Biggest Motorsport Crashes of 2021


Credits: NASCAR, Formula One, FOM, IndyCar, NBC, WRC, FOX, NHRA.

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  1. I think crashing us race car should be illegal. Look at all of those beautiful cars destroyed just so you can drive fast. Driver should have to pay for the cars they destroyed out of their own pocket. I am a free earth mover who believes no speed over 20 should be allowed. Then we can save puppies and Earth, and little kitty cats

  2. I saw Jack Aitken accident live (number #2) He ended up being fine, I think he was sent to the hospital for check up and just had bruises on his legs but otherwise he was ok, which is crazy considering how fast cars arrive on top of raidillon

  3. That first navigator, trying to hold onto paper as his car rolled over and over. You've got more important things to worry about right now.

  4. I mean, I'm surprised incidents like Dan Wheldon (that was a multi-car crash), Senna and Grosjean didn't make this list (admittedly, 2/3 were fatal, so maybe there's some respect there), but these were all pretty dramatic.

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