Top 10 Quickest Muscle Cars Of 1969 Muscle Car Of The Week Episode 373

Top 10 Quickest Muscle Cars Of 1969 Muscle Car Of The Week Episode 373

We shared the top 10 quickest Muscle Cars of 1970, and it was so popular, Kevin Oeste is doing it again with more hot Muscle Cars from 1969. We didn’t actually test these cars ourselves, but we’re utilizing the published test results from performance car magazines from the time.

10. 1969 Mercury Cyclone
9. 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T
8. 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee
7. 1969 Corvette
6. 1969 Plymouth GTX
5. 1969 Mustang Mach 1
4. 1969 Corvette L88
3. 1969 Dodge Charger 500
2. 1969 Mustang Boss 429
1. 1969 Plymouth Road Runner




  1. Ford did a great job even tho it was fighting Ferrari back in LeMans still managed to get its engineers to get these Mustangs to kick ass

  2. I have come to the conclusion that the drivers that did testing did not know how to drive I had a stock 68 gtx with a 440 and it ran I the 10s all day long I don’t know what with the 13s that bs nothing on Buick stage 3 they rain. The 10s with street tires this testing is all worng I know I drove those cars and they all were a lot faster 13 back then was Considered slow

  3. You're looking great Kevin, and nice to have u back again. I was 20'ish when those legends were born and lusted after each and every one. Some years hence I was lucky enough to have a copy of the GT500 (vert) on the lift as you talked. Was really a great time to be alive. Tnx for sharing.

  4. I had blast back turned 16 in 71 I had a 69 GTO 4SPEED a 69 442 W30 remember the scoops under bumper and my last blast a 69 SS396 L78 with chambered exhaust they were all n like new condition but they only ranged1500 to 2500 used Iworked about 25 hours a week at a union grocery store while in high school and enjoyed the muscle car Era to the max we grew up in the best of times for sure!!!!

  5. Awesome muscle cars in that era. I thank God everyday for my dream car, a 73 SD-455 Trans am that I had since I was 19 years old, and now I’m 62 and still own it. 🙏

  6. Production cars, I agree but there was a lot of secret stuff going on at the big three's executive and prototype garages that the public including the dealers knew nothing about. Some photographers made a career out of seeing and shooting pictures of cars during the prototype or preproduction phase. Quite a few beasts came out of the GM tech center in Warren Michigan, Yenko did not have a lock on the COPO 427s or the aluminum Z-11s. There were a lot of sleepers cruising Woodward north of 8 mile in Detroit through Bloomfield Hills to Pontiac Michigan from the big 3, especially on the weekend. I left the Ford Rouge in Dearborn and started working at the Chrysler Engineering Center in Highland Park Michigan in '73. The prototype paint shop had a '75 (2,3, even 5 years in advance was common) Cordoba parked with a 426 Hemi and was being prepped for camouflage masking. I asked the tech working on the car about it and he winked and said to me "What are you talking about? I don't see any Hemis around here." I had access as long as I kept my mouth shut about what I saw and did not take any photos. Great memories.

  7. well well , i am now wondering why the 69 440 A- bodies did not make it or is it their light weight that made the tires spin too much? seems to me if it weigh's less it should go faster and quicker according to any drag strip junky on a diet out there.

  8. I had a '69 Camaro SS396/375 hp. I modified it slightly- 4.56 rear, and it would be near the top of this list. Guaranteed!

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