Top 10 Most Underrated DRAG CARS Of All Time!

Hey guys welcome back to the channel and today we are going over the top 10 most underrated drag cars of all time! There are so many slept on drag cars it hurts. Anyways I hope you enjoyed and if you did, please be sure to like, comment another video you wanna see, and subscribe for more!!

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  1. the head gasket issue isn't really a joke even if it is , it sure does make alot of horsepower but fixing it up every time after redlining has to be stressful

  2. Imma keep it a buck as a Subaru fan boy… DONT go for a subaru if you want a budget drag car, these motors cost a lot to build for power. DrewPeacock recently got an STI and loved it the most out of all his cars in the canyons, why? because subarus are probably the best handling awd cars meant for track and rallying not straight line speed!

  3. I still remember the day in my physics class my teacher showed a suv vs a lambo. Was the only one that said suv and the suv gapped the lambo. Never underestimate the suv on the drag strip

  4. No hate at all but there’s a lot of misinformation. LS1 swaps in 3rd Gen Camaros aren’t budget friendly. 3rd gens come OBD1, and LS motors are OBD2 so you have to do a lot. Nothing is budget friendly now-a-days I want everyone watching to know that. Motor builds are expensive and a lot of y’all aren’t going to be building the motor yourself. So look into spending 7k and up for a shop to build that motor, and you still don’t even have boost, suspension upgrades, brakes, or even a transmission to handle that power.

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