TOP 10 LS Powered Vehicles (LS Fest West 2022) – Old Crown Vic, Hearse, Mini Cooper + MORE

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We traveled to Vegas to attend LS Fest West for the first time and saw a TON of unique LS powered vehicles! So many that we made a Top 10 list and put them in one video! Mini Coopers, Beetles, an RV, a lifted Crown Vic, Porsches, a Corvair truck, etc. We hope you guys enjoy these cars as much as we did!

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  1. amazing content congratulations guys I hope yall reach yall goal of 4 million subscribers I been subscribed to yall youtube channel for years nw I wnt to see more of the ugr Lamborghinis & r8s bt I enjoy watching yall vlogs

  2. The burnout car was amazing. He needs to sign up for a cleetus n cars I think he could win it honestly that car shreds

  3. Owned a couple of 66 Chevelle's in my lifetime and still love the looks of the car. That Mini looks dope ! And a Porsche never looked or sounded so good.😎👍❤️

  4. That 914 sheesh! It's amazing seeing it speed up and slow down and turn at the speeds it does, hot damn!!!

    (edit) Goddam that beetle letting'er eat!!!

  5. Porsche 914 ls3 ok is for twin turbo big nos is sure the big 🚀 the cars perso mie is one ls7x 427 big bloc twin turbo is one kit nos the porsche is 7s the 1/4 m boys sure is problem the moneys one projet boys

  6. The cars iis the gens décédés sooo good time sure boys just pschit pschit the nos in turbo just liteel yeer the turbo in + speed just injecter du nos dans les turbo puisque le turbo veux de l air pour mieux marcher bha direct y envoyer du nos y a deja la el camino twin turbo qui le fait mais lui fait ca a l arrache deux Gee devant les turbo mais pour moi il doit trop en envoyer ce qui faut c est en envoyer a petites dosent deux avantage plus de nos et sûretés de pas exploser le turbo

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