Top 10 Cars That Will Be Collector Items!

In this video we go over 10 modern day cars you can purchase right now, that will most likely go up in value and become collector items. #Top10 #Collectorcars #CollectibleCars #Racecarfriends #Savethemanuals


  1. I’m sorry but I hate Challengers and Chargers.. might be a unpopular opinion but mannnn living around a military installation that’s ALL you ever see. I’ll stick to my German or Japanese cars!

  2. I believe the only cars that will continue to go up in value based on that list is the porsche and the c6 corvette. I'm sure the 2015 final edition evo has already hit its peak and Mitsubishi saved face with that car rather than trash its legacy with a SUV. The camaro isnt going anywhere anytime soon lol but i've seen chevy performance making the EV "LS swap" for the older gen camaros as a drop in swap. Either way great video just wanted to chine in a bit. #personalopinion

  3. Collectors are weird, but based on history and what’s going up now I have a feeling Trucks and SUVs that are kept low mileage and in mint condition will be worth more than their window sticker in 25 years because no one is saving those. Trucks and SUVs have also taken over dealer lots where it used to be cars, Camaros and Vettes. Kids are going to remember driving around trucks and SUVs and want to relive that.

    The hellcat powered SUVs will be killing it in 30 years… Also the import SUVs will be bigger than the cars… Audi RS Q8 will do better than any BMW M car… They will depreciate huge and in 30 years 50k miles on an SUV will be similar value to a car with 1k miles… You already see classic Land Cruisers and Jeep Grand Wagoneers with 80k miles going for $80-100k

    Other cars collectors will want will be the best optioned and most low mile cars… a car with under 1000 miles with all documentation and window sticker in the glove box on the original tires. Rare models always do better…

    I also think Turbo and Superchargers will do just fine… Look at the Grand National GNX that went for over $200k recently!

    1- 2019 Corvette ZR1 manual Transmission
    2- 2020 Mustang GT350 manual
    3- Dodge Demon
    4- Dodge Hellcat manual transmission
    5- Porsche 911 Manual cars
    6- 2015 Z28
    7- Dodge Viper ACR
    8- Mustang GT500
    9- Camaro ZL1 manual
    10- 2021 Nissan 400Z manual

    Many collector cars don’t even make it back to their original sticker price, so to make a profit, find the cleanest, lowest mile example in 10 years after it hits max depreciation and then store it climate controlled… Original tires, window sticker and invoice a must!

    Best collector car is keeping a car original and mint that everyone remembers but no one else is collecting

  4. The problem with the manual gear box is that people tend not to buy cars that they can’t drive. Fewer and fewer people are going to know how to drive a manual as time goes on. Therefore the amount of interested buyers is going to shrink. People will not know what they are missing.

  5. That GT350 is the bomb for muscle. Of course the 1LE is on that list too brother and I agree with you on the Porsche 911s and virtually any manual M-series BMW. I drove the M3 Comp for a little while and it was a blast. BMW sandbags their numbers and I can tell you it was putting down way more than the listed 450bhp. lol… OK I gonna say this as you know that I am a VW fanboy, however the jury is still out on the new MK8 R. I've been silent and have been singing the praises cause,…. well I gotta tow the enthusiast line and that BS BUT I am not 100% sold on this gen R so far. The front fascia/grill looks like they stole the design from the South Korean KIA factory. Hey if I wanted a Hyundai I'd by one. lol. Sure it's fast by only 20bhp ahead of a MK7. Plus the inside is a complete disaster. High tech nightmare. Enthusiasts on the forums are split 50/50. One guy even reported the computer shut the engine down at full speed on the Autobahn in Germany recently!! I'd have to add in the MK7 as a collector item as well. Can't go wrong with either the 7 or 7.5. I'll be keeping mine for a bit longer before I set my sights on a RS3!

  6. I'm not sure that you're considering the biggest things that actually make a car a collector item. The cars on your list are all awesome BUT very few of them have legacy and a story. Those are the things that tie people to their childhood or a memory that make them want a collector car. For example, I believe the C5 Z06 will be FAR more collectable cuz 1) flip headlights and 2) the ORIGINAL Z06. The last Mitsu Evo. Any Viper. The Dodge Demon specifically above all modern Mopars. Too many to list. Most of these choices you made are just "cool" IMO and don't have a real "stand out" moment outside the rest of their lineage like a movie appearance, race wins, celebrity ownership or viral moments

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