Top 10 Best Luxury Cars

We round up the best luxury cars on the market, from the Jaguar XJ, to the Range Rover and the Porsche Panamera.

Take a look at our top 10 list here:


  1. Very strange. I realize this is british channel but man Range Rover at second place. What the hell.BMW 7 series is more advanced. I watched every review and it's very close to S class and here in 9 place.Big dislike for auto express.

  2. its time for this channel to shutdown, when the 7 series is listed 9th and then he talks about price tags…
    If you have the money for any of these cars, you wouldnt be worried about the price tag at all!!
    Complete BS

  3. What is so impressive about these comments is the umber of people who've driven all these cars and thoroughly evaluated them to come up with such informed comments. Yes, I don't agree with a lot of the list but I haven't driven or seen most of them up close so my comments are hardly from a position of strength.

  4. In my opinion Jaguar should be 10/9th place as it is dated both looks and updated media and Bmw 7series 4th place. That is just my opinion

  5. AGREEEED ……… Merc is the first company for cars …….not only that but they kept themselves the best over the years …..what a car ….but honestly is that was made to braise the British people or give them boost for not being so good on things such cars where German and indians bought from them to make it successful! just saying it …. although i am a big fan of Merc …i dont see the BMW nothing below second ……. yes fantom and rolls royes are good looking cars but how many are they and who is in the hell stupid enough to pay for their maintenance just cus they are British …… they lack everything but good saloon inside ….if it is high quality and best craftsmen of the great British why require that service ??? isn't dump to just put yourself among goodies to show off and to tell others that one day your grand ma was there??? that was bias enough when i saw the jag and the range rover better than bmw and audi ….actually Caddis are way better than british steeling companies from customers for unexplained high maintenance for the quality cars (CLAIMS ONLY BUT THEY ARE B.S. british cars) they made ….lots of conflict……… i am not watching this channel again …….stupid and liars

  6. A8 si soo old now, but it comes higher than theBrand new 7 series? That must be mistake, since the A8 was not that impresive even when new….

  7. This is not fair Imo. Surely, the 7 series beats the A8 and jag. Also, the Range Rover SV autobiography is not on this list while the normal one is… Hmm…

  8. How on earth is the Jag and S Class ahead of the Ghost? The Ghost should be no 1 here with the S class or Bentley coming 2nd and 3rd, Range Rover 4th then Jag 5th.

  9. my mum has a porsche cayenne turbo s and my dad has a mercedes s class coupe my brother has a ferrari ff and my sister has a rolls royce wraith and I have nothing cuz im 14 shit

  10. This is the most biased car video I’ve ever watched. Jaguar shouldn’t even be on this list. Neither should the Rover, it’s an suv competing with sedans 😒. The only thing I agreed with is the S class being first

  11. I couldn't help but noticing that the Rolls Royce phantom is not included…. You chose the German Mercedes over the pinnacle of automotive excellence…. How utterly distasteful!!!

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