Top 10 Badass Sedans: The Short List

Just because they’re easy to live with doesn’t mean ALL four-door cars should be relegated to family duty. Up next, we rundown 10 of the most badass sedans available in America today with offerings from Porsche to Dodge to Audi to Chevrolet and even Lexus.


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  1. Lexus canceled the GS. Old interior, subpart infotainment, horrible trunk space, slow, and heavy. Long live the GS400, the last time it was a great car.

  2. Alfa Romeo,masarati,1996 Chevy impala SS, charger hellcat redeye,GMC sedan (yes it actually exists),BMW M5,Mercedes S class,Holden sedan (idk the name),2008 charger Daytona,2020 charger daytona,2008 charger daytona night edition, all of these you forgot

  3. GREAT LIST!!! I'm thinking about getting a Model S. Thanks for the Specs! My Other Choices are a Pre-owned RS7 (2018-2019) and a 2020 Charger Scatpack Widebody. Speaking of which, Personally I would have put the Charger Scatpack Widebody on the list. instead. Better Driving Dynamics overall. So many choices…

  4. 4 doors on a sports car will always be worse than 2. If you need a family car forget about it being sporty. Fast in a straight line, sure. A Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack is the most you'll ever need. Keep the rest of your money for a true sports car as a daily or for weekend fun.

    Same goes for SUVs and Crossovers but in terms of offroading ability.

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