Time to Get Off OPEC Oil – Autoline Daily 1320

– VW Makes A Lot of Money
– Daimler & VW Management Changes
– UAW Wants Another Vote
– Ford Dumps Microsoft
– Ford’s Refreshed Focus
– Hyundai Shows Off New Concept
– Let’s Get Off OPEC Oil

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  1. Hey UAW, I don't think you understand the people of Tennessee.  Appealing your case makes you look like a crybaby, and Tennesseans hate wimps.  You're only digging yourself in a bigger hole.  Take your losses, and work to make a better union, because workers in the 21st century aren't being mistreated like they used to be.

  2. Catchatyou. The reason workers aren't treated like they were a century ago is because of UNIONS, what makes you think the gains workers have made since then won't disappear due to the lack of unions?

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