This Hellcat Redeye Project Car is driving me CRAZY…

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So it’s coming down to the wire… We’re less than a week away from #RoadkillNights and everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. We’ve managed to get the engine in, the supercharger on, and the nitrous rails installed, but are we gonna be able to get this Hellcat Redeye project car up and running in time for the grudge race on August 13th?

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@MotorTrend Channel @Dodge & Dodge Direct Connection for giving me this opportunity to Snatch more souls and bring them back to the Altar of Mopar 😈

Dodge Power Brokers

IG: @neverlift_austinpowerbroker

Diablo Sport

Dring Air Conditioning

(972) 241-1312

Nitrous Outlet

Holley Performance

Whipple Superchargers

JackFab Performance

Biddle Motorsports Tuning

Vibrant Performance

Amsoil – Best Drag Racing Oil

Mickey Thompson Tires

Racing Fire Jacket (Orange):

Insta360 One X2:
GoPro Hero 9 Black:
Sony Camera:
Triple Suction Camera Mount (trunk):
Universal Smartphone Clamp:
Dual Post Telescopic Headrest Mount:
USB Type C Cable:
Extension Pole Tripod:
LED Video Light:
Universal Video Microphone:
Micro Windjammers:
Ring Light Kit (18 Inch):
USB SD Card Reader:

MT ET Street Radial Pro 315/60R15:
MT 27.5×4.5-15 ET Drag Front Tire:

24 FT Quick Disconnect Winch Power Cable:
5500 lb. Electric Winch:
GPS Based Performance Meter:
Reading Glasses Keychain Case:
Diesel Fuel Cap (Billet Aluminum):

Maxwell Young – Spark

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  1. Lets Get it, DMKnowledge. I have seen many of the chosen recipients. And the Chief Donut Maker actually turned to be a Show.(Wack). But Im truly excited to witness one of the most Experienced, and Champion Class owners, in this epic endeavor! Awesome time for us All

  2. Love this Smack talking with Shawver. 🤣 Man the Bragging rites after the race is going to be epic!! Someone is going to be 🎶 Working at the car wash🎶 👏🤪

  3. well is this a turn key ( night mare) to many moving part! & the co rider runs the computer to tune it! ( like bass boat ride along program i forgot I get car sick or sea sick) i throw up! it not the ride it the day after! it worse then drinking!!

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