These ZR1's are No Joke! – I Love Watching This

If you like ZR1’s then you’ll want to watch this.
This is one bad ass group of ZR1’s and they are all manuals. These runs were from the Quick 30 race here in Houston, Texas.

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  1. I was a pro driver for Chrysler performance 50 years ago. I did 200.04mph in 6:98 in a Plymouth. But it wasn't street drivable and was a test car. My honorable discharge papers got me the best job. Wish i could shift one of these cars but at 74 i think i would only shift like normal. Mostly Winston cup and AAR. These are awesome cars.

  2. I know this video is a year old. But I'm fairly new to cars. Was it just the camera angle or did the first car in the video have slight positive camber on the rear for when it squats on the launch?

  3. The C6 ZR1 is my next car… I have the Grand sport right now and LOVE it. But the zr1 is my goal. Then I plan on building it and make it a 9 sec. RELIABLE street car

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