These Turbos Are MASSIVE – BEAST Impala!

MONSTER 88mm turbo’s poking through the hood of this BEAUTIFUL 1962 Chevy Impala..and boy does it sound good! We sure love seeing builds like this! And when we ask what kind of horsepower this twin turbo V8 combination is putting down…all we were told was “A LOT”! We’d be scared to drive such a spotless car at No Preps but these guys don’t give a f*@%! Unfortunately we didn’t see ‘er in any finals but we hope to next time around!
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  1. I'm glad there is clean language in this video, unfortunately that isn't always the case which means I can't share it with my six year old son. I'd love it if you guys would edit the profanity in the other videos. Thanks for the otherwise good racing coverage.

  2. I don't mean to be nasty or anything but I've personally never seen Larry's Impala ever win a round He does great high RPM burn out's but then leave's a day late or looses to a car he shouldn't have ever lost to .. Is it the driver or the combo ? I keep routing for the car because I think it's has great potential but it never seem's to be able to get past the 1st round .. What's wrong ?

  3. I think I see the problem.. too light in the back. As evidenced by 2 guys being able to easily pick it up and then also it having no control on the track. That cars gonna injure somebody if they don't add some weight to the drive tires.

  4. Just goes to show, big turbos doesn't necessarily mean you have a fast car. There are four cylinder Honda's out there that would have wiped the track with him.

  5. I tell ya the classic car ,the engine noise ,the excitement , I'll take this over stupid electric Tesla 🐂💩 racing any day !

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