The Worst and Near death Crashes in Street Outlaws

If you have a deep affinity for cars and street racing, more than likely the Discovery hit show Street Outlaws is saved on your DVR. The show, which follows the underground Oklahoma City street racing circuit, gives fans an inside look at how the culture brings car lovers together and shows their favorite drivers compete for big money prizes and street cred titles.

Having the ability to drag race cars comes with a specific level of grit, confidence, and badassery. It’s certainly not an activity that anyone can do, so making the decision to race cars comes with tons of responsibility. After all, even the greatest and most world-renowned racers find themselves in accidents once in a while. There have been multiple dangerous crashes on the set of Street Outlaws. However, the cast has been lucky enough to always escape with their lives intact after every crash. This just goes to show that racing is a serious business and only professionals should be involved in it.

How did the most severe car crash of the show end up? Make sure to watch till the end and find it out.