The Worst and Craziest GT-R Crash We Have Ever Seen! And he Walked Away! – The Full Story

Sideways at 270km/h and then rolls 11 and a half times…..and walks away.
Mick Mansour’s crash at the 2022 GT-R Challenge at Cootamundra Airport was the first crash at the event in 14 years of running. It was also the worst GT-R crash we’ve ever seen but the safety equipment did its job and saved his life. In this video, Mick tells the story both before, during and after the crash. He also talks about how he will be back, bigger and better than ever. Incredible story that needs to be watched in full.
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  1. Not a good feeling, confirming you're own death. I've had to do that once. It's actually pretty chill
    This guy explained it accurately as fuck, you end up locking it in like
    " yep that's what's happening and I can't stop it " even when you thinking fkkkn stop.
    obviously what he went through was a lot worse I didn't roll 11 times.
    But What a boss.
    Glad you're still here

  2. ugh such an ugly car when put on drag radials and stanced for drag. why ruin such a beautiful car just get a car made for straight lines like a challenger wouldn't have rolled either. heavier chassi built for the high horsepower. fucken trying to drag a car thats built center of gravity is much lower on stock tires than on drag radials.

  3. Should have laid off the power when it got out of control but you kept in it, on off, on off while the car was unstable and sliding.@jat did you expect was next. 🤔😳

  4. Glad your ok brotha! The story about buckling up super tight that lap sounds like you knew you weren’t lifting. I was so hoping to see the chutes blossom… good luck with the build&going fast in the red car🤙🏽

  5. Mick you're a beautiful soul. I hope you believe now that we all have a co-pilot. All those things you did before the accident was in fact he telling you to do so. You may not have heard him with your ears, but that's because he speaks to our hearts, to our souls. I hope you find peace in knowing your co-pilot is looking out for you. Sometimes I look in the seat next to me in my car and try to imagine I see him and imagine he's looking back at me. I know that sounds crazy but I truly in my heart know he's with me…. always.

  6. Only problem is that the car wants to dance side to side on a narrow track only recipe for devastating accident therefore his crash. If he properly tracked the car it would have went straight than the car wiggling at the start

  7. He has an excellent point. Rollcage. Even if you go a high 13, you are trapping at or near 100mph. Now, if you run on the street from 60mph to… wherever you stop.. and that high 13 car will still go to 120mph reasonably fast. So you should cage even that caliber of car. That said don’t do on the street because the soccer mom with the van has no cage and you will kill them and your life is also over.

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