The Ultimate Mini Driving Thrill: Racing the MINI JCW Gen 3 Race Car | Carfection 4K

Part 2 of our film on the Mini Challenge race car. (part 1 here
Jorge Calado takes the MINI JCW Gen 3 race car to an actual MINI Challenge race. How will he get on amongst this very competitive grid?

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  1. Keep it going mate! Well done… 🎤Pela pátria lutar…Contra os canhões…Marchar…Marchar. Jorge certainly knows what does it mean 🤔😉 🇵🇹💖

  2. My JCW arrives late September, I’m so happy… Racing the Mini challenge would be a dream come true. Great job Jorge, and you gotta be portuguese with a name like that, hit me up we’ll make a team for 2020! 🙂

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