The Truth Behind The Finale Of Street Outlaws Fastest In America – Street Race Talk Episode 264

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  1. Mega cash days seems cool so far how long till Hollywood Assholes screw that up with BS drama like they do everything else. Need to kick them out

  2. When are you going to realize..Nola wasnt mark in this hustle….Discovery was. Discovery must feel like fools knowing that their High Rise, Highly educated and Highly salaried executives got outplayed by a professional con man. One of the best-played scams Ive seen in a while.And they will fall for it again….lol..

  3. What a bunch of crybabies. “oh I’m not making excuses but I’m gonna make some excuses” NOLA has the best engine builder in the US, four (maybe more) of the fastest cars. The person putting the race together usually picks or is the starter ( example boosted cash days) the rules are up front, the rest of the piss and moan about the other team testing, well if you would of called JJ and asked him that would of been nice( that watching how NBC reports isn’t helping you bro). Rubber down on a clean surface. I don’t care if you have 1500 hp. Your not going to lay a lot of rubber down on a clean surface. The burnouts are more for tire surface temperatures.Been there experienced it.

  4. Very disappointing news! And incredibly unfair, nears cheating, and rules being changed made NOLA look soft. No way on a fair and even playing field Memphis beats NOLA…lost respect for that whole Memphis team.

  5. Nothing is confusing or misunderstood Sim.. as much as well all are keen to watch a new season of JJ or 405. We try to just stay neutral and enjoy the show…until the obvious games and tv filler are forced down our throats. JJ is under contract as is all the racers on each team. They have to abide and play along. Not that they want to especially when your reputation and ego is on the line. JJ holds the cards in the tv format and how it has to go. I can only imagine the meetings he has with the producers.. but to allow that to be the finished product for us to stomach!? Keep up the good work SiM! I am wholeheartedly with you on this and I love a good Texas/Detroit/Nola race.. I think Disco should listen to the fans and start at new format and let the other teams put a race/ show together for us to watch

  6. Man, i knew it was a set up as soon as it started. I saw that it looked like virgin concrete at the starting line and the starting line stripes were green instead of red like before…JJ's cars are waaaay underpowered compared to NOLA's and they had to create an advantage in order for them to win…hey there is nothing wrong with losing if the other guys have better equipment…Do there think the veiwers would have liked it less if MSO would have lost…NO…real racing fans would have liked it more because it would have been the truth…i will probably watch the REAL races in season 3, if there is one, but I won't watch the finals with MSO…for one thing 3 hours is to damned long on Mon night especially when half of that is just JJ running his mouth

  7. NOLA is a bunch of cry babies.
    Amazing that Scott Taylor made it down the road fine. Apparently he didn’t share his info! No crying from the teams that NOLA crushed!

  8. Ok you forgot to kiss Lizzy’s ass. You know you should’ve really just talked about what a wonderful fabulous street racer she is and kissed her ass!
    Hell, with all the money in her car, and her famous dad that works with them, you would think she could at least go down the track and finish in her own lane instead of her opponents lane. Scott Taylor made it down to track perfectly, why didn’t they use all that computerized data and other peoples cars?

  9. If MSO is fastest in America then go get the guys in OKLAHOMA we know they fast. And they never challenge the 405 then let's see who really the fastest in America. JJ the 405 is waiting for you to PROVE who is the real street

  10. JJ had the hustle, plain and simple. It's also a TV program, so you can't believe what all they lead you to believe. The Memphis cars are fast, but they definitely make sure the " rules " work for them.
    When they raced Arizona a few years back, they said multiple times they didn't test. I have video of them testing for multiple nights on that road. Surprise, they wouldn't let my friends test before the race night..The other thing, JJs " water " burnouts were sticky as you walked over it. There's zero chance it was just water they use. It's entertainment, you just have to take it as that. 100,000 will make you do crazy things.

  11. It was trash and had to be fixed mso stole the hit every race they so-called won!!! I’m with you if Nola and 405 isn’t in the next I will not watch it!!

  12. Watching that finale made me sick!! 8-2!? I"ll NEVER watch JJ the Boss and his BS show again!! Im done with that dude and his BS hustle!! He made himself look weak after that show plain and simple and he knew it!!

  13. JJ set it up so memphis could win…he's a hustler and always looks out for his team to have the best advantage. They agreed to it so can't really be mad after the fact

  14. I knew there was a reason NOLA had issues. TV made it seem like they took a dive. You win every match with 6 or 7 of 8 cars having no issues, to all 8 cars having issues unless something was changed. JJ seems like a fraud.

  15. Memphis is the fastest on the street whoever this commentator is it's obvious you don't like Memphis,JJ, or a winner. If anyone but JJ won it would have been the greatest fastest in you have ever seen. I personally like a hard worker that come from practical nothing that has helped this sport become alot more interesting than I remember growing up as a youngster. I appreciate your hard work also I just think your a little more bias towards anybody else but Memphis or JJ. I'd be willing to bet if the 405 or NOLA had won the chances of anything be wrong would have been slim. I understand Memphis wins alot and sometimes we the get tired of his mouth but I respect JJ and really appreciate and like what he's done for the sports and I can appreciate the success this sport has made for himself

  16. JJ is a cheater and if he truly wanted to be called the fastest racing team in America,he wouldn't have to change the part of the street they raced on and change the rules for the finale.I knew something was up when NOLA was spinning there tires down the road when previous races they were flying down the road.You are not the fastest in America if you have to cheat to win!

  17. OK, it's street racing. JJ moved the street location, NOLA should have been ready, he did it last year. Burnout box get moved back 70 ft, so long as everyone has to do it that way, stop whining. BUT, not allowing NOLA to practice run on the same street as Memphis, that's bogus. Watching Memphis run away with this finale was, as Sim said, very disappointing.

  18. They did this because everybody before the finale was staging behind the line to get a jump on the other person in the other lane. They did this to make it more fair and all Nola does is cry about it.

  19. JJ said everyone had the same rules and every team knew the rules and key and Scott was make the fans mad and he even had and interviews on the phone to prove that all racers calling and asking why they were saying such a thing

  20. i am waiting for the retraction of all the trash talk. i am not a jj fan but watching mega cash days turns out you/we were wrong as jj and trisha and it looks like the rest of memphis are kicking ass at the mega days, on everyone elses rules. maybe they are not show and maybe their show isnt rigged?,

  21. Rumor has it Pat musi bought some chillie for everybody<they at it and all members inculing lizzy and bobby who was hit the hardest<they had a bad case of shitpipe blastitetus,all could barley sit and drive without fluid blasting out of the buttholes,bobby was hit so hard he left early and shit his whole suit up to his chin,takes being a shitty racer to a whole level…

  22. quess chase is a race is ok when its a 405 show americas list Chief and Jackie had a blast racing with mso and are big fans nola didnt bitch about road being moved when they went against bsm oh yea thats cause they won everyone knew rules and about road being moved before one race was run fastest on the street means you dont need prep or a bunch of rubber to win

  23. I will no longer be supporting a show that is a set up bunch of crap! The series was great right until the finale. There was nothing fair in that. To do all the things they changed just to tip the scales in their favor, is nothing short of cheating! Goodbye to Memphis street outlaws from me.

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