The SUPERBOWL of Street Racing (Texas Streets: The Hunt)

“Texas Streets: The Hunt” is an iconic movie from the 1320video Archives that we’re happy to release as a part of our annual Holiday free DVD uploads. This movie features over 100 street races from the roads of Texas (circa 2014). This year, local authorities stepped up their presence – deploying over 100 additional units throughout the week to thwart street racers from getting their 3-honks in. Racers had to be more lucrative than previous years and many found their way to meet spots on Private property where the police couldn’t mess with them.

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  1. Hey I remember this video, its like all the other 1320 videos. corvettes, mustangs and camaros. Then sometime they switch it up to mustangs, camaros and corvettes….Then sometimes its completely different like camaros, corvettes and mustangs!

  2. Back in the day in Austin like around 2000 we used to have a big group meet every Saturday and so roll racing on the 183 upper deck..those were the days

  3. Could have broke this up into many different videos and made more money of all this footage but u didn't. Amd that's awesome. This is great. Thanks Kyle and crew

  4. Oddly enough I was falling asleep to this and fading off into the distance I hear a panic stricken voice "he went into the wall man" and immediately shot up and reminded it to catch Kyle catching firsthand video of a drag race wreck

  5. Don’t get me wrong. These are cars are all really cool… But I wish these cars would run for a dig. It would be much more exciting to watch and it’s just cooler in general to run at a stoplight if you’re going to street race just in my opinion.

  6. Holy shit… That C6 launch from the dig on that surface. That was absolutely master class. Thats decades of launching experience. Gave me chills 😅

  7. What I got from the beginning of the video is 1) either the “600hp NA vette” is lying about power or the 900hp TT vette cant drive his car properly😂

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