THE SHOCKING 2023 NPK SCHEDULE – No Prep News Episode 172

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  1. They are going to have the month of September off and 3 weekends though the rest of the season they are going to do a lot of back to back racing with just 3 weekends off unless they push the season into November!

  2. Will they stay with the great 8 or change to something else? Imagine if NPK was flashlight? And the race master lines up the racers instead of the bulbs? I know it'll never happen but it would make me wanna watch.

  3. They have all of March April and half of May to shoot 2 or 3 shows and that's exactly what they are going to do Sim! And they have September to shoot a show in November and December and then January for shows!

  4. They better change the name of the “show” then … to just NPK … cause it AIN’T Street … anymore!
    (They can’t control the REAL Street racing, but they can control their own “show”)

  5. Hey sim u agree I think that was a genius idea as well that will definitely hype it up more since npk is there cash cow it's going to be an interesting season as always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  6. I plan on making it 3 straight years at National Trails in Hebron. With it being the 1rst race it means it will be the qualifier race, so Friday what do they plan on having. Will it just be grudge racing or like last year will they run 1rst round of the Invitational on Friday night.

  7. How do any of the team owners and any of The Drivers that have personal businesses, get the time to run their personal businesses? The way I see it,, they're now working for The Discovery Channel and would not have time to do anything else… I know in the NHRA, the pro mod class doesn't travel nearly as far as the other pro classes do because most of the pro mod teams are business owners to begin with and they can't spend that much time away from their business sides of life…

  8. I think you're right sim. Their waiting on Jeff Lutz car to get back from Australia. And I'm pretty sure that Jeff is going to hurt some people's feelings here soon . So let's go 405 and the American street outlaws.

  9. Can't wait because this new show the 405 isn't all that good , to me it doesn't feel like a 405 show , I'm happy to see some of the original OG'S back racing together but watching it just doesn't seem like a 405 outlaws show I don't know if it's because Big Ghief isn't there or if it's the car's their driving IDK I just don't care for all that much . Hopefully better things are coming . Great video Sim thank you myfriend be safe 👍✌.

  10. I bet if you start checking track schedules for this year you can find what tracks and when . Most tracks already have their schedule put out .

  11. Be interesting to see how the parts shortages everyone is experiencing affects this season. Pumped to see the Australian NPK as we will get to see new drivers!

  12. As usual you have no clue what you are taking about. It will not take 15 weeks to reveal the complete schedule. They will release a new event date every 2 days.


    We will know the complete schedule in about 4 weeks. Not 15.

  13. The only show more boring than the new small tire street outlaws was gone girl. That show sucked big time. The new show is a yawn fest. I used to be excited for Monday nights now I think it’s Tuesday.

  14. I totally disagree. This format of releasing the schedule is making it impossible to plan. I am trying to make it back over from Europe for a couple of NPK events, but we have to schedule our days off for the whole year during January. So how am I supposed to plan? It just sucks and it’s s a bad idea for the fans. From a hype point of view I understand it’s generating traffic and stuff but man. What a mess really. They slowly start losing me…

  15. 1 a week isn’t great for the average working person. Have to plan and schedule things, time for husband and wife to get off work. What to do with the kids, finances a lot to consider.

  16. Yes the hype is good for the show but they have to keep in mind a lot of people travel to these races and plans have to be made. Scheduling time off , hotels , boarding of pets ect. as long as they give time for the fans to make this it's a good thing. wait to long and people won't be able to make it. Also rumor has it late Sept is going to be a NPK race at Maple Grove in PA so if true this would not allow a brake in Sept.

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