The S-Class Reimagined | 2022 Mercedes Benz EQS

Rather than simply making an EV variant of the S-Class, Mercedes took the opportunity with the EQS to reimagine what a flagship “sedan” could be. Aside from the battery and motors, the biggest thing Mercedes did was change form. Rather than an upright stately sedan, the EQS is a “cab forward” aerodynamic wing in profile with an extremely aerodynamic vibe. It also has a hatch. Yep, a hatch, not a trunk. Toss in the latest Mercedes gadgets, a bunch of ginormous screens, and all the latest luxury doo-dads in the lineup and you have quite simply one of the best EVs in the world. If you can afford one. The size and price tag of the EQS combined with the pillow-soft luxury mission make this a category of one. At least until BMW brings us their re-imagined 7-Series that is…

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  1. I think it’s a lovely vehicle in & out. Each to their own hey. 👍🏻
    I respect how Elon has shaken the industry at its very core however apart from the exterior of the model S, Tesla product is all so fugly.
    Lucid & MB are number one if money wasn’t an option for me.
    At this stage I’ll
    Stick to what I can afford, an “old leaf” with battery warranty …lol😂

  2. Meh, I'd save 50K and get the Mach-e California Route 1. Similar performance and half the cost, plus more luggage capacity and a front trunk. And side impact airbags are standard, and it can accommodate taller drivers and passengers.

  3. No self driving, no OTA updates, no Netflix or games or other entertainment options that does not require you to connect your phone etc. while you charge, only passengers can watch the phone connection aka entertainment, driver has to exit and sit at passenger side to do this. No Burmester 4d option, no rear entertainment option, till they come up with the AMG version! WTF?

  4. Probably the worst looking Mercedes since the Kompressor. The interior just feels soulless and gimmicky. Though the ride quality, suspension, headlights and seats are fantastic, the brakes are horrible. I feel like Mercedes completely missed the mark with this.

  5. I love the Mercedes eqs! Can you review the all electric Chevy Silverado when it comes out? I have cerebral palsy I use a walker and wheelchair, I love all electric cars

  6. Let me get this right. The Mercedes is a luxury vehicle and the Porsche is a sports car? Thanks for clearing that up! Sorry for the sarcasm, couldn’t help myself. Enjoyable review as always.

  7. That's a nice Honda civic. 😂
    And where's the interior.. it's just a big screen.
    I can just throw my 50inch 4k in my car..
    And the windshield washing fluid door . Wtttfffff is that?

  8. I'll be the first one to give Tesla a loud ovation for their pushing the industry into EVs but I'll also be the first one to question the value proposition. Tesla's fit and finish, software reliability and phantom braking , are simply unacceptable for the price of their cars. Tesla reminds me of typical Silicon Valley computer companies, shove the product out the door in the name of first to market and for gadget marketing purposes but don't put customer's frustrations into consideration. I still remember the 80s and 90s when American cars' fit and finish and reliability put them into existential threat and were chewed out but Tesla is getting a lot of benefits of doubts with their problems.

  9. Amazing car, but very expensive and heavy! One little annoying thing is those two blinking lights in the instrument panel, think they are for face detection, but very annoying! 😁

  10. TBH, I'd rather won/buy/lease the Tacan sports wagon in the 4S flavor please. It just looks/appears and probably drives a bit more precise in my mind.

  11. The EQS shape looks funky, but it may grow on me overtime. It is impressive to see other manufactures to compete with Tesla with all these new offerings. It is like ten years ago when the Model S first came out. Surprisingly, Tesla refuses to offer a new generation of the S but instead invest in new products like the Cybertruck.

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