The Rise Of Japan's Wealthiest Street Racers: Midnight Club

The Rise Of Japan’s Wealthiest Street Racers: Midnight Club

In this video, I talk about the rise and fall of Japans most infamous street racing club, The Tokyo Midnight club.


  1. Hey guys thank you for all the support, I tried my best to get the info as accurate as possible, it’s hard because there’s not a ton of information on the club. I did pronounce“Wangan” wrong it’s actually ‘Wan-Gan’ not ‘Wagon’ also all the money I talk about is converted into current day $USD. Thank you again and if I get anything wrong PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

  2. I appreciate the video and the story is really cool but it would really raise the quality if you worked on your pronunciation of the Japanese words

  3. The 'vette & Mustang are racing on the RHS, is that US archive footage? Japan, like the UK & Ireland drive on the left hand side.

  4. There are a lot of famous tuners who were part of the club back then, but I won't name them out of respect because they don't want to be affiliated of that past.

  5. Wtfffff the video game is based on a true story. Bro even more the reason for it to be one of the dopest games!!!!! Wtf so tight

  6. Yeah, I'm going to sit here and listen to some pinhead tell me about any of this because he read it on the internet…

    Ask me if I know anything about Mid Night… LOL. Nagata was never a member.

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