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  1. SIMP ARE YOU JOKING WHO DOENST KNOW ABOUT THIS?!!!?? It feels like you don’t care about this stuff anymore I started watching you as a Yung June bug and now I’m a grown man with 2 kids I don’t know about and even with my family drama I somehow manage to find out about this stuff faster than you. What an absolute embarrassment of a car channel please try and get back to your old standards.

  2. Points don’t go with the car they go with the driver? That’s not cool if you wanna race two cars they should be separately entered into the race. Cause then it’s jus a race against pockets and whose are deeper. And not every racer can afford to run two cars especially two cars of the caliber needed to be competitive in NPK so of course he will have the greatest advantage being able to have what are essentially two separate setups. I don’t like the sound of him being able to jus pick and choose which car he will use. Gives him an unfair advantage cause now if one car can’t tune up for the track wether it be chassis or power train related the other one prolly can. Where others have to deal with the one car they have and if they can’t get it they gonna lose they can’t say oh man this car ain’t got it but how bout this one.

  3. Wow, people really need to look at everything out there before they speak Sean alluded to it two videos ago of what was going on. He explained it this video of what was going on. I’m sorry the other one was a couple videos ago, but he point-blank explained it. There is no questioning it, before people shoot their mouth off research it don’t just assume and make an ass out of yourself

  4. I love this video at large❤❤,. you remind me of what someone once said.. " Making money is an Action, keeping money is behavior, Growing money is Knowledge" . I once attended seminar and ever since then i been waxing strong financially, and i most tell you the truth….

  5. Shawn said he would sell it if they needed the money to come to Australia as it is going to cost a lot of money and they would have to sell as much as they could. to raise enough cash.

  6. Sim the days of flying Bricks are more or less over as far as the NPK Track cars are concerned as it makes it harder to make a mass
    accelerate from 0 to 200 mph when 1000's of a second makes a difference at the finish line, That's the reason we are seeing more
    aero dynamic body styles being built, I personally don't think it really matters on the street but on the track it makes a difference,
    That could be why Murder Nova is talking about selling the NPK car so it can be replaced with a more aero dynamic Car.

  7. I thought it was interesting that Dave mentioned that goliath was originally built to be a small tire car. Curious if it came from Boddie that way and Dave changed it or if the chassis still favors small tire?

  8. Whatever Shawn and phantom decide to do, is probably going to be something much different and I've had a feeling they have been keeping something on the down low since about July this year and if I were guessing, I would think Shawn is having a new car built and they've been saying they've got some bigger plans coming up and I've heard they're going with a hemi and procharger setup for next year… The 405 would be in big trouble if Ryan Martin would decide to pick up and move on to his own team over in the NPK but hopefully from there sake that won't happen for some time

  9. Dude quit over reading it. Nobody else is doing that. The main reason the car does not work. He has a blem. Ask any racer some built car just work better then others. Its all about the build. There isnt to many passes hr can make a full run with out tire shake ect. So no big tire is not done. Its the car !!!!!!!!

  10. Can't forget Shawn just had a new house built and I'm sure that cost a big chunk of 💰 but I imagine he's trying to figure out a way to be competitive in NPK and I still think,, they're probably having a new car built and going to a big hemi ProCharger setup and they're entertaining the idea about racing in Australia too but Shawn has also said before, they are one of the lower funded teams in the NPK and that's why they do all the car swapping and the buying,, selling and trading all the time, to fund other projects and to help with their racing

  11. Love Murder but they just don't have it for this kind of racing and schedule. Doesn't matter what he buys or tries to do. He won't be a consistent threat

  12. I think have two cars for NPK is a great idea if you have either great sponsorship or a ridiculously huge expendable budget. Having two totally different power plants would be an awesome idea. Two cars both painted and set up exactly the same except for the power plant would be bad ass. Either procharged Hemi and Musi nitrous 959, or a screw blown set up, one for different elevations. To be able to pick whatever one best suits the track and conditions that your at… awesome. Not practical, but at this level of dragracing practicality has gone out the window anyway.

  13. That's not what he said the OG nova is the NPK car and slipped out about coming to Australia and he said if that happens he MIGHT have to sell the new Nova Might is the word here

  14. Dude you gotta start watching their channels they tell you what they are doing.hell Ryan has the small tire camera the npk cars and a mustang being built that can have big or small tires

  15. He said he would sell the NPK murder nova "if" he has a chance to buy another car he's been looking at!! The OG is definitely gonna be used in NPK next season

  16. Shawn said the NPK car can run with the best on the streets, but can't NPK anymore with the setup that's in it. I'll believe he is selling it when he announced it, but I know he wants a White Nova, he loves white cars and trucks. After seeing Dave have a car built for NPK and knowing Dave and Ryan race the same engine he just put in OG Nova. Actually Ryan's old engine from 2021 NPK championship car totally refreshed. He feels they can share data and parts to help his program resemble theirs and help him have better finishes or win again.

  17. I believe we will begin seeing more drivers leaving the "tv" shows as chief the popularity continues to grow the biggest names are making more money from their own social media platforms in a sense network tv is already old news when it 1st airs

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