The Memphis Street Outlaws vs. Detroit – Street Race Talk Episode 136

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  1. Did I miss a episode did u talk about the response chief and Dave and shuan gave to the last few episodes. There is a ton of drama going down man. Reaper Chuck and crying Ryan have clicked up. They basically hate the 405 show and just put there energy into the no prep show. It was ridiculous Ryan is saying chief is screwing him on the light. I mean even Jeff Lutz has joined with Ryan. If you talked about all this already sorry but there is a ton of inner drama going on more than I can type here I have hit u up a few times on Instagram dm. Jbird84. It's really sad chief Dave and Shaun have separated from the group. I even think I figured out why the pod cast fkgot dropped and it has to do with speed society did u notice they blur them out on the show now. Well reaper had a hand in that. Just lots of stuff I hope ur on top of this hit me up if u need to.

  2. THANKS for taking time out of your schedule, to give us behind the scenes info on all street racing news. Look forward to your podcast every week. Doing a great job SIM, keep it up, it is appreciated sir.

  3. Looks like Daddy Dave's motor to me, before I read the comments. Then I see a lot of other people think it is too. I wish it was Chief's tho. Chief is gonna have to do smthn different eventually, might as well get one now. That's the perfect combo for Chief, don't know what he is waiting on. Just a matter of time till everyone passes him up cause everybody else has gotten excellent power plants and Chief needs a 481x for sure! Chief needs to make his car all the same color too. As much money as he makes and he doesn't wanna make his car look awesome, don't understand it!? Chucky has his lookin good and he's on a limited budget!! Glad the rest of the 405 take pride in how their cars look!! Detroit takes pride in having good looking, fast cars too! Chief, put a cool wrap on the damn car!!

  4. It was Dave's engine… You can tell by the headers. I commented that it was Dave's and Big Chief liked my post so I believe it was Dave's👍

  5. It's not daddy Dave's doesn't anybody follow him.. If you did you would know that his car has been in Larson's garage.. all stripped down getting redone.. because Reaper was talking shit saying he's scared did you know prep scene cuz there's no money involved and that's why he wasn't at the no prep race last week.. so Daddy Dave to Facebook live telling Reaper he's an asshole to shut his mouth.. and showed his car at Larson's next to his truck all tore down

  6. Daddy Dave also posted a picture with the crown which basically said he's number one on the list if he has a crown.. then the post was deleted when I went to look for it today later..

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