The MCNews project bike for 2023 – Aprilia's Tuareg 660

We got ourselves a project bike! 🙂 Just how much better can we make it than it already is? We’ve got a few ideas.. Feel free to let us know what you think we can try…

Oh – and if you haven’t already seen what we think of it – check it out here:

And the full online review here:

Big thanks to Aprilia and the team at PSI (Aussie Importers) for making this happen


  1. Great idea and I'll watch with interest.. especially some cosmetics on the front – a higher front guard? Yes. A rally type cockpit? Sure, if you can keep the current screen and functionality.
    I got mine late July and the options weren't as many then – I'd probably go the SW motech bash plate now tho apparently AXP is working on one of their 8mm HPDE plates?
    You might get away without re mapping if you just put a new can on, though new headers will get rid of the cat.. then you're looking at UpMap to remap.
    More than happy with the stock suspension tho again interested in what you guys come up with..

  2. I'm always interested in typical fuel range. How about for grins you ride until it's dry and report the results. How easy is the bike to start from dry?

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