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  1. Wonder who's going to do is tuning on the new motor I know it's got to be different than tuning nitrous I wonder if Adams still going to do the tuning on his car I don't blame kye for changing going from a big block nitrous car to a screw blown hemi should be in the interesting NPK season next year

  2. I’m gonna laugh my ass off when all the blower cars get hit with a weight penalty for next year and the nitrous cars get weight taken off, then everybody’s gonna be scrambling to throw the bottles back in the car

  3. Cry Kelly!!! Strick's again. He better figure where he's breads buttered.. or he be back in Louisiana…lol. Divorce again! Wake up dude before you loose it all…. seriously!!!!;

  4. I think people need to understand that discovery or any reality tv show wants viewers from every walk of life. The more the merrier! The show would be boring to 50% of the viewers without the living drama and boring to the other 50 without the hardcore racing scene. All of our own lives are filled with drama so why would you not expect to see it in a reality racing show?
    The problem I have is made up fake drama to bring views, which is soap opera and not reality tv. If it seems fake and made up, you will lose me as a viewer, even with my love for the racing scene.

  5. Lizzy did nothing wrong in that situation but lying down either way is wrong and telling Kye he was gonna put a conservative tune in wasn’t right either. All drama is all it is

  6. The hate didn’t stop Kye from borrowing one of Pat’s spare motors numerous times. Kye is an ungreatful SOB. A real champion doesn’t expect people to give them a free win. Ryan never does that.

  7. Pat is a a**** kye has always been pretty stand up guy and pat will lie 2 your face and laugh about it behind your back drama follows him because he creates it

  8. Lizzy also says she is dropping her dad's crew and starting her own and buying the car from him also so pat has no say in anything anymore u can hear the hole conversation from her own mouth on the pri interview. Justin did a live on his Facebook

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