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A brief history of JDM car culture and street racing.


  1. When I fell I love with Honda… Seeing the 92 black civic ex coupe with moon roof, piaa fog lights, thule ski rack, sparco ns-11’s, cut springs -lol, intake/exhaust.

  2. Wow 1999 I worked 2 jobs and bought a 1990 Black LS DA and a week later I cut the springs and stolen my neighbors rain gutter to make a air intake I know young and stupid sorry neighbor , but my senior year of Vocational School 2000 I was the man I said WAS 😆 🤣 😂 GOOD OLD DAY GREAT 👍 VIDEO 📹 BROTHER

  3. I was part of this movement in the 90’s. I am 43 years old now. Battle of the imports racing events were huge. Out in SoCal during this time, it was easy to be at a street race with 500 cars.

  4. Ill be 40 this year & ive been a part of the JDM culture for approximately 21 years. I still have my 92 eg hatch that i rip the Streets in atleast twice a month.(I also own a 5 speed IS300) …..Video games also played a big part as well in the JDM culture. Need For Speed Underground & Gran Turismo were my go to games. I would spend countless hours putting together gear ratios for my Honda's amongst other cars. Maybe you should make a separate video on how Racing Video Games played a part in the JDM culture.

  5. Very very good video.
    I would try to get exclusive interviews with Brian from Hasport, Brent from PFI speed, YoungStatic to get a good perspective of those early days prior to internet forums.

  6. Awesome man. I felt the emotion in your voice when you talked about 9/11. Good history lesson and how it intertwined with the import scene.

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