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On the hunt for the fabled “best driving road in the world” James May has his second bit of bad luck of the day. Forced to bunk down in their cars for the night Jeremy offers the boys some bizarre drinks to help them sleep. Finally the Transfăgărășan Highway comes into view and Jeremy’s Aston Martin DBS Volante, Richard’s Ferrari California and James’ Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder proceed with joy.

First uploaded in standard definition in April 2010

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  1. This footage and the whole episode of Top Gear in Romania will hopefully put the country on the world map in terms of people's minds and hopefully encourage more people to visit the country.

    The other thing I noticed about the Transfargarsan Highway was just how stunningly beautiful the scenery is. Reminds me a little bit of Scotland.

  2. Romania is one of the best kept travel secrets.
    If you haven't been, do it as its pff awesome.
    Love Transfagarasan so much (go in the summertime as they close the road in the cooler months via a sked) but the road along the river olt from Sibiu to Cluj Napoca is so gorgeous.
    Honourable mentions are the road out of bucuresti heading north into predeal & valea prahovei, Transalpina, Sinaia, Brasov & A2 to Constanta.
    Glad that TG could showcase the country, but they missed out on bucuresti old town at night

  3. Still the wrong cars for that road and landscape IMO. What you want is something like a vintage Porsche, aircooled. Maybe a 356 or an early 911.

  4. Of course you can stay forever in my country, I won't say no. :))
    Hopefully they will come back and film here, maybe with there new show. ✌❤

  5. I slept well in the front seat of a 80s Ford fiesta at Glastonbury and these bellends can't handle one night in a luxury car

  6. The Dam is not a Soviet building. Was rised during comunist era but is 100% romanian project. The soviets hated this kind of development in satelite countries, made them a bit more independent….

  7. We have driven the Transfagarasan just yesterday and it is really magnificent.
    And even the surrounding roads to it are now fully new and amazing.

    Thank you, Top Gear! 👍

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