The Grand Tour – An interview with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond for Radio 1 in Slovenia.

A reporter of Radio 1 in Slovenia interviewed Jeremy Clarkson and RIchard Hammond in their hotel on the shores of Lake Bled. The trio is stayed there for a few days while filming on the lake for The Grand Tour.

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The Grand Tour:


Created by
Jeremy Clarkson
Richard Hammond
James May
Andy Wilman

Written by
Jeremy Clarkson
Richard Hammond
James May
Richard Porter

Directed by
Phil Churchward
Brian Klein
Kit Lynch-Robinson
Gavin Whitehead

Presented by
Jeremy Clarkson
Richard Hammond
James May

Starring Abbie Eaton as “The Driver”

Composer(s) Paul Leonard-Morgan

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Music: PopRockBed by Audionautix licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-licence Artiest:

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  1. We’re going to interview the presenters of one of the biggest motoring programmes, ok, let’s send someone that knows nothing about cars.

  2. You have to feel sorry for that poor journalist, with Clarkson rabbiting on like that, being silly and refusing to answer questions, there won't be much that he can use.

  3. When the interviewer said to Jeremy "You're a funny man" I was really hoping Jeremy would had gone full Joe Pesci and said in reply "What do you mean? I amuse you, you think I'm a clown" from that great film Goodfellas. 😂

  4. Wait, so they were in Lake Bled according to your description, and recently Jeremy posted on his IG from Maribor in Slovenia… So either they were previously in Maribor or they are going in a complete opposite direction of what was rumored to be their final destination. Hmm…

  5. Hammond looks pissed off, Jeremy is doing his best and the interrviewer is ill prepared. At least May had the intelligence to bugger off! Still….decent to watch somehow.

  6. In the name of all Slovenian GT fans, please accept our sincere apologies for Radio 1 journalist, who clearly had NO IDEA of who he was interviewing, and he most certainly didn’t have a clue of how ridiculous his questions were. A true shame and a lost opportunity to give us fans a good insight in to latest filming of our favorite car show. I would also like to thank the boys for finally choosing Slovenia for filming TGT, and i hope the footage of our beautiful landscapes, lakes and mountains will make up for this epic interviewing disaster.

  7. I would pay or do anything to sit down with these two and just ask questions. sadly for those two, I have no cash to pay, but I would do anything. 🙂

  8. Interviewer asks do you like Guns 'n' Roses, Jezza says yes I like a glass of Rose….. hilarious 😂

    Can't wait to watch this episode.

  9. I got the sense that both of them would have much preferred to just have breakfast in peace, but they did do a good job of being polite and friendly all the same.

  10. Really ashamed I am a Slovenian. Dezelak you definitely suck. Good that Jeremy and Richard showed you how dumb your questions were. What were you thinking?? Respect to both your guests not to let you throw out and pulled through the so called interview.

  11. On behalf of my country and the 2 million of us, I'd like to appologize for the trashiest interview you ever had to endure. Pleasedonthateusandcomebacksomeday❤

  12. Daj človeku kot je Jeremy Clarkson nekoga ki se vsaj ne bo spotikal ob vsako angleško besedo ki jo izusti. Nekoga, ki lahko skupaj spaca stavek. Mati božja tole je bilo grozno, absolutno grozno. Sram me je za ekipo.

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