THE FUTURE OF NPK – No Prep News Episode 162

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  1. I'm going to give you a name of someone who this year alone was in a lot of simi finals & finals who won 2 great 8 and was in the top 8 till the 3rd too the last race the abma race that's the race DADDY DAVE got knocked out of the top 8 that's the start of points and half race's now DAVE did this with a car that's built for the streets and he missed a couple race's this year and last year DAVE wrecked in Georgia the 3rd race of the year missing mostly all the race's and with everyone else getting new car built for NPK an DADDY DAVE still driving the same old car built for the streets and just missing a couple race's this year still finishing 10th in points ha watch out EVERYONE HERE COMES DAVE next season and I beat everything I own he won't finish out of the top 3 TAKE IT TOO THE BANK!!!!!!

  2. Dude small tire will and always will be a big draw on the facts that there are alot of drivers like Billy and Tommy from src for instance and a whole lot like them out there doing lots of small tire racing that's something that's not going anywhere anytime soon.

  3. I mostly agree with the names that are being mentioned. But a lot also depends on the cars and their setups. I feel their are several really good drivers, but their cars and combos aren't always as competitive or reliable (aka prone to mechanical trouble). In that sense i really am curious to see what Daddy Dave's new car will bring. I mean, he's an excellent driver, and if his car is more competitive and has to struggle less with issues, he could really still be a top contender. If Disco Dean can get his new car really dialed in and under control, he also still could be a surprising wild card. And there are a few others out there of which it's not obvious right now, but who really could deliver some serious surprises once they have their cars changed or seriously upgraded. All in all, that's what Kayla Morton, Jim Howe and John Odom have proved and exactly why we are talking about them as potential new top contenders. So there definitely are a couple of others who could rise once they have improvements done and have a grip on their cars.

  4. Daddy Dave will be a front runner. Also some others, Kayla – Swan gang – John Odom – Jim Howe and all of the Nola racers. Still think Ryan will be the racer to beat. Could depend on the weight rules that are given to each powerplant.

  5. Honestly once Chief left the show I have lost interest in Street Outlaws. I do follow and attend No Prep Kings events. I like most of the NPK teams with Justin Swanstrom being my favorite driver.

  6. I have REALLY been into all of Street Outlaw shows from the beginning. Watched them all. But watching that four hour Monday night NPK has been very difficult. Now to be honest, I watched a lot of the NPK live on Youtube this year so knew who wins. But still, too boring for a big fan, I can imagine why the casual audience is not watching. Even with (what I believe) is scripted and fake drama.

    I have said it a million times, but they all know what each other run and openly discuss it! Turn the scoreboards on so we can at least see what they run. This is absolutely NOT street racing at this point. I guarantee if you asked the racers, they would be fine with it.

  7. Ya told us before this year Justin was going to take it all lol. Odom , Howl are doing great, but there also running in the Grey area ( their words not mine ) if they don't shut them down your gonna have 40 other cars doing the same thing and who knows then lol.

  8. That's funny your 3 names are the same as mine. But the one I say that hasn't shown it is murder nova OG that procharged
    Hemi is going to be bad ass. Also when the show goes away, do you think the series will become it's own sanctioning body? Like NHRA, PDRA, And others.

  9. Just a thought . What if you give guys like Cali Nate,Beater bomb , and Billy Hutchinson ( Billy the Kid) a unlimited budget like street outlaws. I truly think they may find out anyway at Mega cash days .The streets are going off and have some of these big names show up at a road or even dig or die off the trailer and race some of the for mentioned names and they probably going to get their butts handed to them. The fastest small tire guys are putting down some insanely fast licks

  10. Hey see him I've been listening for a couple years and man I think you need to slow down on the Adderall dude ain't nobody should get that worked up and excited like you do every episode God bless you I love you but man you sure are jumping maybe some cold excitement I used to experience that but in my older years it's kind of went away

  11. Jim Howe will be the man to beat next year he got that car figured out end of the year and figured out the NPK surface that car is FAST. I am not a Howe fan but he is rolling

  12. They say the driver has to be food for TV but what does kallie Mills bring she seems like a good driver they have a good program but don't see her bringing anything to the show? I feel like they need to replace a few of the old drivers who aren't competitive any more and don't seem to have any plans to be competitive like Chuck he built a new cat out of Ryan's old parts car isn't competitive nor will it ever be. Doc not competitive not gonna be competitive even if he builds a new car well see with Monza and his new he isn't going to get it done unless he gets a different crew member or two I know Brandon is trying but we've seen him cry latterly when he can't get the car tuned right and he's know Jeff Lutz Jr. They will need professional help with that new car. Dominator love the heck out of that guy and he's building everything on his own and his car makes some very fast passes 1 about every other week "not competitive"

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